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Niche hardware request: modern SMS 3-D solution


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I'm hoping for modern 2022 and beyond long term solution(s) for the masses for playing SMS 3-D titles. I have original Sega hardware and FPGA solutions, and flash carts.


I've been looking into this for some time. The ability to relive the small handful of titles has never justified the costs to do so for me. One would need:


A CRT, Original SMS 3D glasses and card slot adapter, and a SMS (or Genesis Power Base Converter with a Sega Genesis), and each individual game or flash cart solution (and possibly a Sega light phaser)

I have yet to see ANYONE play via an Analogue MegaSG which would still need the Analogue DAC, the card adapter, and much of the gear [CRT, glasses set, etc.]


With a MiSTer, Terraonion MegaSD, a jailbroken MegaSG, a real Sega Genesis, and a CRT and light phaser, I feel the SD format is the way for forward preservation. I'd love a simple solution, even if hypothetical-only and or if not fully compatible with all hardware. Since the SMS already has a card slot, AND the 'power base converter' is said to be the best 'SMS' A/V by piggybacking off a Genesis,  I thought the simplest solution would be to consolidate as much of the SMS hardware requirements into a solution that can run off the Genesis and MegaSG (with DAC) hardware. I don't know if that means a custom pcb for the cart slot or the Sega CD expansion (ideally the former).


I envision a product that would be akin to a feature-expanded, updated version of the PowerBase Mini design: https://stoneagegamer.com/powerbase-mini.html  RetroRGB has pages on FM Sound as well as 3d support WIP ideas of using the Genesis audio port, but I hope for a plug n play; ideally a design that works as an inexpensive 'Sonic and Knuckles' type Genesis cart that a flash cart sits on top of. This middle-man cart would have a 3.55mm jack to accept original 3d glasses or modern equivalent. A deluxe version with slot for card support and perhaps built in FM audio would be the ultimate Sega Genesis accessory!


How many others here think there is a market for one device that could replace the need (and costs) of:


1. a Power Base Converter

2. a working 3D Sega card adapter

3. each of the original game titles

4. the option to use original 3D glasses or find a cheaper modern equivalent that better fits adult heads

5. [optional] able to eliminate other 'Sega card' adapters and FM units with this all-in-one


No expectations personally, but hope others would discuss design ideas.

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Well, I'm probably one of the biggest apologists for 3D here, so I'm very interested in this, even though I doubt someone would invest in producing something like that.

Right now, there are two solutions afaik:

  • There is a VR helmet that works well with the adapter, which is only sold in the US unfortunately for me (see the topic below).
  • As I discussed in the same topic, I discovered that using a 3D TV (which is hard to find these days, especially since you need one that can "force" 3D like mine) and a FPGA system (at least something with HDMI out), it can work. I tested every 3D game I could find, and the only problem is that both frames tend to get inverted, but it could be caused by a known syncing problem with the Mega Sg. So it would be interesting to test it with a MISTer (I don't have one).

Here is the topic I'm referring to:



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I was discussing the ability to add 3D to the SMS and NES cores with some users in the Mister forums some time ago. Mister compatible cores with modern 3D TV support for both the SMS and the NES were made by a user there by the name of "Grabulosaure" and can be found here:




 NES3D.rbf 2021-06-24 00:57 3.0M 

 SMS3D.rbf 2021-06-24 00:57 2.9M 


I couldn't test them because..well...I don't have a 3D TV. If you do give them a go ;)

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I did see the other threads and appreciate you both for your additions here. I'm slowly building my current setup until such hypothesized alternative solution exists. I can't justify the cost vs brittleness of original 3d glasses so I have the same ASUS glasses (yet to try or even open) and the official sms glasses adapter. Sega Lord X has probably the best video on the 8 titles the glasses support.  For some of the games' ebay prices, it is frustrating that I basically now need a Master EverDrive X7 and Power Base Converter JUST to play these 8 games when I already have a Terraonion MegaSD, Genesis, Analogue MegaSG, Mister and even a MIST! At least I have some Sega SMS light phasers.


I get it that the ASUS glasses at the bare minimum would be required, but I hope for EVERYONE in the world that wants to try or relive the Sega 3D library that a clever, cost efficient alternative to this pricey daisy chain will someday exist. Sure, some of the titles are cheap, but who wants to spend the cash on the glasses for maybe 2 games and not be a completest?  Then there might be the additional hurdle and cost (maybe) of converting PAL only titles to run on a NTSC machine.


EDIT: A feature of the Master Everdrive that the MegaSD currently doesn't have is SMS save state support so there is a great benefit there for some. STILL, of note about the features of the Everdrive X7:


"Save States function and In-Game menu function. NOTICE: In-game menu function only works on original base Master System hardware. It will not work on other consoles via the Power Base Converter, PowerBase Mini, or any other such converters."


So for this scenario, one might even have to go full tilt and skip the Power Base Converter (and the A/V quality uptick it provides) and buy the more expensive original Sega Master System... then one must decide between a Japanese unit with built in 3d jack or debate FM vs PGM.. AHHH and ARRGH!!! 


THIS is why someone might make a fortune on a simple solution requiring JUST the original or aftermarket 3d glasses. I'd even consider a non-intuitive "Genesis to SMS game cart" bare pcb just to at least save some money by plugging my MegaSD into a power base converter. Needing a power base converter and original Sega 3d card slot adapter is tolerable, but damn would it be nice to bypass the need for those too.



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