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Larry the Fly Swatter.


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I got sick of waiting for that contest, so I'm releasing it now. This is my 3.55k game (3,641 bytes, to be exact) I call Larry the Fly Swatter. I made this in INTY Basic, as a way to prove that games that use just 4k are possible with INTY Basic. I'd like some feedback on the game.  (Don't say add music. That takes up a lot of code.)


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It's actually kinda challenging and fun. The fly moves erratically, as a fly should. I like the sound effect when I nail him.


– Can the fly's wings beat faster? Like really fast? As I said, his movement is good, but the wings remind me more of a bird.


– The fly swatter should snap faster when trying to swat the fly. You gotta be quick to get those guys.


– The sound is more like static than the crack of a fly swatter. Maybe just a shorter sound would do the trick.


No music = good! When I'm sneaking up on a fly and moving in for the kill, I don't want any distractions ?

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27 minutes ago, atari2600land said:


- fly's wings move faster.

- fly swatter snaps faster.

- changed the sound of the fly swatter swatting.

- added a game over sound.

- any button (even # keys) starts the game.

I think it's definitely better. Since you've enabled game start with any button, you I guess may as well allow swatting with the lower-left button, too. 


One thing: if I'm swatting when the timer runs out, sometimes the swat sound persists until the next game starts.


Let the fly swatting competition begin!

larry score.png

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