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Arcade MAME HSC 2021 Asteroids Deluxe


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This round we play the arcade classic Asteroids Deluxe
Last played here at the Arcade MAME HSC in 2013

Pilot a spaceship equipped with shields and auto-fire as you blast through level after level of rotating asteroids. UFOs and multi-segmented Killer Satellites take chase, searching for an opportunity to destroy your ship.


Game Information:


Game Name: Asteroids Deluxe

Manufactured By: Atari/1980

Settings - 

Dipswitches: Starting lives: 3 (dipswitch 3-5) Difficulty: Hard (which is actually 'easy.') 4 large asteroids in rack 1.


ROMset: astdelux.zip


Deadline to post scores is November 28th 2021 at 12PM EST

NO UFO Hunting -

PLEASE DON'T ABUSE BUGS IN THE GAMES! Many Atari games have loopholes that allow you to easily get huge amounts of points without much work (An example of such "Point Scumming": in Asteroids, you can eliminate all but one small asteroid, and then "hunt" UFO's without the level ending), or finish the game while skipping a lot of the actual content (For example, using the X-Ray cheat in Superman to prevent the bridge from exploding). Not only do these result in somewhat bogus high scores, but it ruins the fun and challenge of the game in the process.

EVERYONE PLEASE NOTE - MAME has screwed up the DIP switch settings for this game in some or all of the MAME versions so that HARD is actually easy and EASY is hard. You can tell which you are playing by the amount of rocks that spawn at the start of the first level, 4 rocks = EASY, 6 rocks = HARD. I assume we'll be playing on EASY so everyone make sure you have four rocks on the first level. (or you'll get you're butt handed to you pretty quick.

Final high scores -

Cynicaster 28,150 +11 points +3 points for winning round
SoundGammon 19,980 +10 points
Zoyous 17,190 +9 points
AtariWarlord 13,580 +8 points
Krytol 11,030 +7 points
Floyd Turbo 9,460 +6 points
jblenkle 9,100 +5 points
roadrunner 7,360 +4 points
Hero2millions 4,890 +3 points
evan04 2,750 +2 points

Current season standings -

see screenshot attached, thanks to Floyd Turbo :thumbsup:

Link to game info, trivia and manual scans here -


Any corrections please post.




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