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Starting Virtual Pet Game

Mallard Games

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I am starting a new Virtual Pet homebrew, and would like to get everyone's input. So far I have gotten the pet sprite to appear on screen. Not sure what to work on next so feel free to let me know. I was going to animate the sprite bouncing left and right like the Tamagatchi pets.







11-15-2021: Added bouncing effect to the pet similar to Tamagotch pets. Uploaded first binrary

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The obvious one is that if it doesn't get fed then it should weaken and eventually die.
Weakening can be shown by fading towards white (green?).
Dying can be something like collapsing into a small pile of ash or turning into a ghost and floating upwards.


Need a way to get food.
Either throw food towards it or maneuverer it towards food.
Perhaps solve the occasional puzzle to get food (seems to be a thing with octopi in research labs to open jars to get a tasty crab).


Perhaps add a need for exercise.

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