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List-XEX automatically adapts between command-line environments and menu-driven environments such as Atari DOS. Here it analyses itself running directly on the Atari800 emulator, without a DOS:



This is treated like a menu-driven environment, because the emulator also clears the program output after it runs. Because there are no command-line parameters, List-XEX asks for the file name interactively. The emulator's H: device is used here to read the file from the disk of the host system. After the program is done, it asks for a key press to preserve the output.


Some more info:

  • On Atari, List-XEX needs 32 KB of RAM. It could run on a stocked up 800 or upgraded 400 or 600XL.
  • While reading the input file, it uses a buffer that can buffer a full track of a double density floppy disk, to speed up operation on floppy drives without a track buffer.
  • The program loads at address $2600 to leave room for optional extra drivers. For example, this is enough to load the FujiNet N: handler above regular Atari DOS, so List-XEX can access files on the Internet and other networks.
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