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Japanese computer games by Inufuto


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Someone in the TRS-80 MC-10 camp found a bunch of new games for that computer, and as it turns out the developer Inufuto has made available versions for a long range of mainly Japanese home computers, but also some others:


MSX, NEC PC-6001, PC-8001, PC-8801, PC-8001mkII, PC-8001mkIISR, Sharp MZ-80B, MZ-2200, MZ-1500, Sharp X1, Toshiba Pasopia 7, Fujitsu FM-7, Hitachi MB-6890, MB-6885 Jr, National/Panasonic JR-100, JR-200, Bandai RX-78, Sony SMC-777, Casio PV-1000, PV-2000, Casio FP-1100, Mitsubishi MULTI8, Sega SC-3000, Sega Master System, Sord M5, ZX Spectrum, Apple II, C64 Japan, VIC-1001, TRS-80 MC-10, TRS-80 CoCo


Many of these models may be almost unheard of in the west, but at least some like MSX, Apple II, C64 (though Japanese version), VIC-20 (VIC-1001), the MC-10 and CoCo should be accessible natively.


Aerial: http://inufuto.web.fc2.com/8bit/aerial/

Battlot: http://inufuto.web.fc2.com/8bit/battlot/

Bootskell: http://inufuto.web.fc2.com/8bit/bootskell/

Cavit: http://inufuto.web.fc2.com/8bit/cavit/

Impetus: http://inufuto.web.fc2.com/8bit/impetus/

Mazy: http://inufuto.web.fc2.com/8bit/mazy/

Neuras: http://inufuto.web.fc2.com/8bit/neuras/

Ruptus: http://inufuto.web.fc2.com/8bit/ruptus/


He may have made additional games, but those were the ones I found out. Given the wide range of formats, most likely those are made with a cross compiler, perhaps CROSS-LIB or something similar?

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I downloaded the VIC-1001 versions and tested briefly. Apparently most (all?) of those set up a 24x24 screen matrix compared to the default 22x23 and hard code the coordinates to NTSC position just like the majority of old school VIC-20 games did. It means on PAL all those games would show up in the upper left corner of the screen. It might be possible to patch, but I wonder which library was used to generate the files and if that library would need rewriting to avoid doing this, or least read ROM values to determine how to position the screen relatively. Since I doubt those games depend on the raster beam, only screen positioning is what makes them NTSC or PAL.


For other formats this usually isn't a problem.


Edit: The default horizontal positioning is 5 on NTSC and 12 on PAL, and the games set it to 2 on NTSC which should be 10 on PAL. I suppose patching LDA #$02; STA $9000 into AND #$08; ADC #$02; STA $9000 should do it.

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Apple II is already supported!. BBC Micro would be an obvious choice indeed; but I would really love to see platforms like the Camputers being supported, I've always thought that this machine has something in common with the japanese machines, the planar graphics are not very common amongst the other western computers.

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