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Atari SA releasing limited run 2600 cartridges.


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42 minutes ago, SabertoothRetro said:

I like the patches. 

I like the patches too.


42 minutes ago, SabertoothRetro said:

Still think they should have tried to come in at $99 for the LE.

Prices could drop.  I'm not sure they'll sell all 1,983 copies at $150/per. 

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I'm hoping ATARI releases new 7800, Lynx, Jag, and Jag CD games through ATARI XP.

This would also benefit the VCS with exclusive retro-content.

As for the 2600, if ATARI acquired the Starpath Supercharger and its games library (and released them as cartridges with no extra hardware other than a T.V, Joystick, and 2600 console required) and enhanced ATARI's own 2600 IP using the Supercharger, then I would definately buy new games for that system or games that push the system beyond generic 2600 titles.

But for me, the exciting thing about ATARI XP is the potential for new, improved, and completed unreleased 7800 and Jaguar games and VCS-roms.

ATARI could really enhance their commercial libraries, with the benefit of being able to bring the very best 3rd-generation 8-bit gaming to the 7800 and VCS digital-copy/download.





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