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12 hours ago, intvdave said:


How about moving Sea Battle to the top of your list and let me work on my other project? :)   Space Shuttle and AD&D Quest are other games on my list and I am focusing on voice games right now.

Tempting, but my projects lately have been Keyboard Component related, such as reverse-engineering a rare add-on for the KC and also assisting decle with portions of decoding KC tapes.

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7 hours ago, intvdave said:


I hope you all release that work in some form. Preferably in emulation :)

The rare add-on will have a YouTube video and related files released "soon".


As for the KC tapes, decle will likely be the main person releasing them.  While I've done some work, it has mainly been in a supporting role (ex: improved noise filtering in the scripts, some records decoded independently to confirm correctness, etc, etc).  Decle deserves the majority of the credit and will likely be the main source information and videos.  That said, here's a short video I released from last year's work on KC tapes (nowhere near as impressive as Conversational French):


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