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Isn't it time for an "Atarimax Ultimate SD Multicart 2.0"? Here's some ideas on improving her.


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I'll keep that in mind when I get my newly-acquired CV this coming week (I picked one up on Mercari earlier this afternoon) and also the Atarimax SD Multicart I will order for her as well, she's gonna be a great addition to my classic gaming setup as I slowly wind my way through also acquiring an Intellivision II, a Sega Master System, and an NEC TurboGrafx for a possible launch of yet a FOURTH YouTube channel perhaps this coming July (around the same time as the 2nd Anniversary Edition of The Atari Report), so look for it this summer!!!


Between that and a possible FINAL album (my fourth in my history-making 28-year music career and second as rapper AK47 after going solo back in 2003) this will be one fantastic 2K-22 baby!!! Now I may not be Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, One Direction, or BTS but I can certain by far TEAR MORE SHIT UP than those poseurs ever can!!! The Mainstream entertainment industry and iHeartRadio/Clear Channel/WTF they call themselves doesn't even know what they're missing!!!

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