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WTB: CX52 Atari 5200 Controllers Need Not Work


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Looking at the 5200 controller,it was indeed very advanced for it’s time by not only having an analogue poke stick but also having start,pause and a reset button on the front rather then having the pause & reset button on the console itself(trough i never want to have a reset button on the controller as it can get confusing with the start & pause button overtime),it also has a nummerical keypad on it’s front,so that controller was forward in time((hence why atari used a lager plug for their atari 5200 console)

also the atari 5200 predated the nes by 3 years by calling itself(on the cover art) an “advanced video entertainment system”so it actually tryed to sell itself as an entertainment system but it failed miserably due it’s flaws,but once nintendo sold it’s nes as an ‘entertainment system’in the us  it magically worked (also thanks rob the robot) and they didn’t even needed to release the nes keyboard oversees either,note: that back then since 1983,people rather wanted a computer to be able to do both taxes and play games with it,so they saw game consoles as obsolete,but nintendo just did the impossible and all without a keyboard & famicom basic,they only needed rob and supermariobros instead,wooow just unbelievible,but since the atari 5200 was very advanced and ahead for it’s time in 1982, i got more resoect to that console now.

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