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I have gotten a French Atari 7800. There they were sold with Rgb output.

The console works but the image is seen with the colors slightly shifted to the right and with vertical stripes.
I have tried with two rgb cables, his own and the one from the Atari St (they share the same Rgb cable).
I have also lost in two tv leds.
Remember that the secam system is only valid for Rf signal, so that is not the reason.
What could it be?





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THe French RGB consoles output a pretty crappy signal tbh, I have two of them and a good s-video mod is far better picture quality wise.
The issue you could be seeing however could be down to the TV that you are using. LED/Plasma/Modern TV's often have issues displaying an image from old out of spec consoles and computers.
This can range from no display at all to flickering, to strange colours, flashing image etc etc etc 
 CRT would probably give you the best results, but the RGB encoding is horrible on those 7800s, so don't expect too much 

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The long and short of it is that the picture is generated as S-Video then fed into the RGB Encoder. The encoder is, quite frankly, not very good. As a result the picture that comes out of it is usually worse than the one going into it. From those pictures, you already appear to have one of the better ones. As far as we can tell there's really nothing you can do about it internally. If you want a better picture and you have an S-Video compatible TV, it's best just to bypass the RGB encoder altogether. If you want RGB, the best solution currently is an external S-Video to RGB encoder like the Canon RGB-100, Which can give much, much better results than the internal one.

If you want the best picture currently out there, you're better starting with an NTSC 7800 and sticking a UAV in it. You'll get better results with just that than you'll get out of any PAL based machine (the French machine is a PAL 7800 at heart).

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