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Historical accuracy is boring: Vanguard thoughts


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I do not care for historical accuracy in games. If i want a historically accurate game, I will play the other cod titles in my steam library


Things that irritate me:

People constantly harp that the game isn't accurate. Well COD1 wasn't accurate either. the entire russian campaign was ripped from Enemy at the gates and other films. Your protagonist is an expy of the main character in EATG. Berlin wasn't taken at daytime, Pavlov's house is shortened for convenience etc.

Quit griping about Multiplayer. It's annoying and it makes me NOT want to play. doesn't Activision have a kid pen or something?

Having to sign into my Activision account. thank God for offline mode.


I used to love COD but as the series went on, i grew bored with the historically accurate crap and began to gravitate to more outlandish games. Thus Vanguard took

me by surprise. Why? see below



I actually like the story and gameplay. It's properly done and the characters fit well in the story. Generic likely, but fun.

Racism isn't avoided. Black soldiers were despised and it shows clearly, not like WWII where it was glossed over.

The guns and attachments are interesting if just for the reason that they DON'T follow history. Reflex sights on an mp44? A trench mag on a Kar98k? Sign me up.

The story is out there and doesn't feel like a damn war film with the required hard-ass general and timid private. There's no giant set-pieces or massive war sequences and i prefer it for that.  Stalingrad in the demo looks amazing and I don't give worth a damn that the russian lady can parkour her way around a building. I don't care that the opening level is pretentious in some people's eyes. I don't care that it's zombies mode has changed or that the lighting and sound are debated, or that the missions are beyond insulting to West point graduates


I care that the game is fun. Vanguard succeeds on that front and thus for me, gets a 10/10  


The ONE con:

Having to agree to yet another dubious license agreement AGAIN.

Just let me play Multiplayer already

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additional gripes
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On 11/26/2021 at 2:24 PM, MrMaddog said:

(Want historical accuracy, go watch a boring documentary.  Video games are for fun!)


I agree completely. I expect historical accuracy in non-fiction materials (books, documentaries), but movies and video games are entirely for entertainment. I hold them to a completely different standard.


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