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Atari VCS on-board eMMC upgrade attempt


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I Also had the soldered on board storage upgraded to 60GB and it worked and read in the bios using a Kingston 512gb endurance witch is 60gb tlc storage chip and it worked and read in bios.  However Atari vcs will no longer install after doing so and my best guess is the installer does a disc check of some king and won't install to the larger on board chip.  This is prior to the APU upgrade attempt  So that can be upgraded.  I was looking to find a 32gb FCBGA 153 ball slc chip witch is must faster and last longer but i couldn't find one.  Or 128 gb or 64 gb slc.  Kingston doesn't make an slc only mlc  or tlc but.  I realling wanted to find a 512gb MLC soldered on board chip but the only one kingston had is obsolete and i can't figure out what device it goes in or went in. 





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That's a very interesting surgery to have done. I expected it one day, but not in 2021.

- Does the replacement chip still show as /dev/emmc under Linux (e.g. Ubuntu)
- I believe you could just image AtariOS directly to the new disk, and expand the FS.
  (However, AtariOS does not write frequently to the SSD, and their design intention
  as I read it, was that the M.2 SATA or USB devices would be way to expand storage.)
- I understand your reason to try upgrading it, and thank you for sharing this news!

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