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Jaguar development tools for Falcon?


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I read here that the original set of Jaguar development tools were only available for Falcon. While that same post indicates that they "barely [worked]," I am very interested in trying these out.


Did these eventually make it onto the web anywhere? I've seen physical dev kits that people have gotten a hold of. I've seen the DOS SDK. However, I cannot seem to find the Falcon SDK - not even mentions of someone obtaining some form of physical media that contained it.


Thanks in advance!

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10 minutes ago, JagChris said:

Go-to the source code thread and download the two software bundles found there. There should be some TT/Falcon SDKs in there somewhere.



I'll have to take a closer look when I get time, but a quick look seems to indicate that they are in there. Thank you so much! Google was not giving me any results. I would not have known to check there.

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