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Glurkvision presents - Barnstorming for the Atari 5200!!!


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Well fellow 5200 Atarians,


I found out about this gem originally in the 5200/8-bit programming subforum this past week, and I felt it showed a lot of promise, as @glurk, the one who programmed it, was trying to (and FROM SCRATCH at that!!!) replicate the Atari 2600 classic from Steve Cartwright, Barnstorming, and I felt that since he was getting frustrated over not getting much attention, and knowing that hardly anyone goes to that subforum, that I would be more than glad to give him a hand up and help promote this then-potential diamond in the rough to let others kind of inspire him to try and work on it some more if not finish it. 


The response was overwhelming to the point it kickstarted him to be able to finish it, in which he did both over that weekend and also, I brought up the idea of potentially having Paul Lay do one of his legendary A8-to-5200 conversions on it so all of us (or at least those who don't own both an XEGS and a 5200) can enjoy this wonderful INSTANT CLASSIC. @glurk told me he didn't mind of such a conversion was made, and was very open to the idea, but, was hesitant to ask himself, so I brought the two together last night, via PM, and when I woke up the next morning and checked the AA 8-bit forums under the thread for this game, Paul had already come up with yet another terrific port for Big Sexy, and I here am presenting it to all of you as well as a link to the original thread I started for him and also the original thread in the 5200/8-bit programming subforum that started it all, so here they are, and, the game itself, both for the 5200 and for the A8. Activision apparently missed the boat on this one, I think it's great and you will too, once again both Congrats to @glurk and THANKS to Paul Lay for yet another well done conversion!!!




Barnstorming.bin Barnstorming (Port) [NTSC+].car Barnstorming (Port) [PAL+].car

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