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Best Practices for Meeting Official Game/Apps Standards?


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So, I've heard talk that game development software that can compile 64-bit Linux apps is how to make an Atari VCS game.  But, what are the best practices that are expected should one decide to transition from homebrew to official?   Things like expected / best screen resolution.  Expected support for both type of joysticks.   Expected methods for users to exit your game etc..

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I'm not aware of developers needing to conform to any specifics, but I have contact with several developers.
This is not any kind of official list - it's gathered from informal sources, and some online dev-discussions.
- developers must sign an NDA on sign-up.
- must run on standard system, of course!
- must support Atari Modern controller, or Xbox or PS3 controllers.
- should support Atari Classic controller, but this may not always be possible.

- can support keyboard/mouse, but unlike.
- designed for Full-HD, or optionally below. (They can/should select their own max resolution at startup.)
- can save locally or to a cloud-service, but not at extra cost.
- cannot require micro-transactions, or 3rd-party billing.
- cannot include any in-game advertising banners etc..
- online multi-player is available at the developer's discretion.
- can use any online services such as online multi-player/matching services, also. (e.g. Utopos)
- can use developer's own online resources, but cannot be unusable without them. (e.g. Utopos)
* I think in future, online high-score tables will be available to all games, but that's Atari VCS specific.
- developers choose their own price-point, not Atari. (Atari had absolutely confirmed this previously.)
- Minimum price, unknow, but maximum price was set to $25, although perhaps that could move.

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