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Arcade MAME HSC 2021 Dig Dug


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This round we play the arcade classic Dig Dug
Last played in this high score club 2013

Dig tunnels underground and use an air pump to inflate and blow-up your enemies. You can also drop rocks on your foes. Dislodge two rocks and a bonus fruit or vegetable will appear in the center of the screen. A level ends when all the enemies have been destroyed.


Game Information

Game Name: Dig Dug

Released By: Atari/Namco 1982

MAME ROMset: digdug

Dip Switches: Default (3 lives, bonus lives at 10K, 40K and every 40K, easy difficulty)

Deadline to post scores is - December 12th 2021 at 12PM EST

Final high scores -

AtariWarlord 94,160 +11 points +3 points for winning round
evan04 57,040 +10 points
Floyd Turbo 40,720 +9 points
jblenkle 35,530 +8 points
Krytol 16,450 +7 points

Current season standings -

roadrunner 137
Floyd Turbo 118
Krytol 103
AtariWarlord 99
Hero2millions 86
jblenkle 59
evan04 52
VectorGamer 19
Cynicaster 14
RuySan 14
neogeo1982 10
SoundGammon 10
youxia 10
Zoyous 9

Link to arcade manual scan here -


Any corrections please post



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