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Lynx High Score Club 2021 Mini Season: Round 9 - T-Tris

Rick Dangerous

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Atari Lynx High Score Club- Mini Season: Round 9



This round we play T-Tris


Round Over: Sunday December 19th 11:59pm EST ROUND COMPLETE



Link to manual scan -


Paper.  Game available here:  T-tris – Songbird Productions (songbird-productions.com)


Additional info: AtariAge - Atari 2600 - T-Tris (Self-Published)


Settings - T-Tris: Default (Start at Level 1) 


HSC Record: None!


Add your Score from T-Tris!  Please put your score in text in your post, makes my life a little easier.  

T-Tris scores:


1. neogeo1982                      11,985.  +10

2. nightmonkeyii                    11,708.  +8

3. Rick Dangerous                  11,385.  +6

4. jgkspsx                              11,184.  +4

5. doctor_shred                      11,169.  +2

6. Songbird                             8,972.  +1





Current season point standings -


1. Rick Dangerous              52

2. doctor_shred                  48

3. jeremiahjt                      38

4. nightmonkeyii                 32

5. sdrake                           20

6. neogeo1982                   20

7. Mr.JT                             15

8. AtariSphinx                    14

9. jgkspsx                          11

10. tripled79                      10

11. roadrunner                    9

12. Songbird                       9

13. jblenkle                         2

14. Peyo                              1



Any corrections please post! 

Edited by Rick Dangerous
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I got up to 7684 before I had to stop to eat dinner. We’ll see it the batteries last long enough for me to finish the game. Level 1 might be a liiiiittle bit slow to start on in the future ?


EDIT: They did! I find the Lynx’s reputation as a battery killer to be a little overstated.


Game 1 results: 9413



Level 9 really is unplayable. I couldn’t even move an I block over to the edge of the screen in time despite getting two and having a very clear screen.


I do find the sound effects from Windows and Ahnold and Star Trek TOS and Bastian’s daughter (?) to be very charming.

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Of course my batteries were going to give out halfway through a game after I said that, lol.


The way pieces get stuck on the edges of the screen when they should have room to rotate feels inconsistent. It can be very frustrating.


Here’s an interview with Bastian Schick from not so long ago: https://www.arcadeattack.co.uk/bastian-schick-jaguar-homebrew/


Was this the first Lynx homebrew game? Or Harry Dodgson’s Othello?

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