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Another rookie question - what card am I on?

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ok, the code is kind of a mess, I doubt anyone would steal it at this point....haha.  I was in the process of adding CONST values for each of the defined BITMAPS because I plan on most likely moving them around/adding more once I redo the screens, so that way I only have to update the numbers in ONE place there instead of everywhere in the code.  Also, I seem to have broken a couple of boss fire weapon states as I was trying to consolidate the GOSUB logic and reuse code.  Lastly, I realize I don't have to initialize every single variable at the top and set to 0, but I did that just to take an inventory......


But in the interest of not having to go back and forth, i've attached it.


obviously, the focus is on the bonus_loop section.  Really, it was designed the same way as main_loop, which is modeled after Oscar's pumpkin master so it follows his ordering. Really, the only difference is the way it handles the boss weapon and movement states.  But, they are all handled by GOSUB calls depending on what commander we are facing (1-6), and those GOSUBS all use Oscar's clever use of GOTOs to hand the various states.


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