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Season 20 Preseason Challenge - Solomon's Key


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Season 20 will begin on January 2nd.  In the meantime, I present a preseason challenge.  If you'd like to participate, we'll be playing Solomon's Key.  I was turned onto this game by my predecessor.  According to him this was one of his all-time favorites, and I have to agree, it's a good one.


Points scored during the challenge will be applied to season 20; so participants can earn a head start.


This challenge will not be judged on score but on the number of rooms completed.  Between rooms you will see a "Room X' screen like this one:



Pause the game here and take a screenshot to post.  You will be awarded 2 points per room completed toward season 20, up to a total of 30 points. For example, if your screenshot shows: "Room 4" (3 rooms completed, starting room 4), you'll earn (4 - 1) * 2 = 6 points.  Additionally the player who completes the highest number of rooms will be awarded an additional 5 points.


There are hidden bonus rooms in this game.  They require little effort to complete.  These will not count for points.


As this is a puzzle game I recommend not watching any gameplay videos unless you're just stuck.


450746561_SolomonsKeyCartridge.png.3bbe12166e2b841b5894e331a6066a64.png 62268908_SolomonsKeyScreenshot.png.0e683673b630b781c4817c9067130dd4.png


Game Rules:

See Above

No Continues



Score Post Deadline: Sunday January 2 at 11:59 PM CST.


Rooms Completed as of 1/2:

Crazy Climber   9
asponge         6
fakecortex      5
roadrunner      2


General HSC Rules:

  • To participate, just post a score to the thread. Anyone can join in at any time.
  • A picture or screenshot is encouraged when posting a score but not required.
  • Do not exploit game glitches, take advantage of 1-up loops or intentionally die in order to replay a level.
  • If "point pressing" is not specified in the game rules you should be moving forward in an attempt to complete/loop the game and not "camping" for points.
  • No emulator save states, slow-mo, rewind, etc.
  • No cheats, e.g. Konami code, Game Genie, etc.
  • Turbo controllers are allowed.



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