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11 minutes ago, fallenone said:

FWIW, I beat this game a year ago on the last production run of the CollectorVision Phoenix and a physical cart, and never experienced any issues with the game. 

Cool! But I never said or saw any reports of issues with the physical cart and the Phoenix console. Did the game state it was for the Phoenix only when it was released, if so I must have missed that part?

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I should’ve been more clear in my post when I said my 2nd copy doesn’t work with SGM plugged in. It works until that 3rd screen glitch; my screen goes dark & I can’t here any sound. After I reset it happens again but then automatically goes back to title screen. This is on my stock CV with a SGM inserted. And if I remove the SGM it works 100% with no 3rd screen glitch. 

If game glitches without SGM but ROM works ok then that’s good to hear. 

I haven’t tested either of my carts on my Phoenix since it doesn’t display on my HDTV & I haven’t gotten around to doing a workaround for that. 

My copy of Opcode’s Penguin Adventure won’t work on my CV but will work on my backup CV. 

I also have a bootleg copy of Super Donkey Kong that won’t work with my SGM inserted. 

But it’s good if there can be a workaround for all these issues. So many factors & variables it’s tough to not have a few issues what with aging CV’s combined with the new home brew stuff. 

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9 hours ago, rodge2001 said:

My copy of Opcode’s Penguin Adventure won’t work on my CV but will work on my backup CV. 

I didn't look back in the thread to see if this was discussed, but my modded CV would not play Penguin Adventure either. It turned out to be a missing screw that secures the CV PCB to the case just above the cartridge connector that serves as a ground as well.


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My two secret games from Collectorvision from this year won't play on my two modded Colecovisions but both work on a friend's Phoenix. One of the two worked on his Adam. Probably not the same issue since one of the two works on the Adam..

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On 3/13/2023 at 11:47 PM, Donny Swanny said:

I had the same issue.  CollectorVision replaced my cart, no change.  I also have problems with Ninja Princess, but I do have both roms on my UT Flasback.

Also, Penguin Adventure plays perfectly on my console.

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