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Season 12 ~ Week 5 ~ Road Runner


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Week 5

Red Label Games

Atari Red labels were produced from 1986-1990 when Atari was attempting to revive the system. These labels range in color between dark-red and red-brown. For the first year, the pictures were monochrome, then Atari switched to color pictures on the red background. The text is white, and the end label is red with white text as well. Some Red label games are re-issues of previous titles. Others were only released as a Red label. Atari also released all of their third-party licensed games with this label.

Road Runner

 Road Runner - Screenshot

CLARIFICATION: No use of CHEATS, emulation advantages, bugs, cart frying or other variables that gives you an unfair advantage in this HSC. Please assume you have to follow the game difficulty and mode for the playing week/s. There cannot be any game enhancements or favorite settings to play in the 2600 HSC, unless you are given authorization to do so by your humble yet strict MODERATOR! Vocelli



Road Runner

Released By:  Atari (RED LABEL GAME)

Left Difficulty: B

Right Difficulty: B

Game Mode: Game 1 



Post your scores right here in this thread, and we will add them to the list. Remember to play the game with the recommended game mode and difficulty settings as shown above so that your scores will be consistent with everyone else.

The deadline for posting scores is Midnight (EST) the evening of December 12, 2021


Bonus: RealSports Boxing

Play Atari’s Red Cart… RealSports Boxing Game 1 B/B

Punch that dude until you knock that Computer Opponent Out ~


TKO or KO him Rounds 1 or 2 and get 5 Bonus Points!

TKO or KO in Rounds 3 or 4 = 4 Bonus Points

TKO or KO in Round 5 = 3 Bonus Points

TKO or KO in Round 6 = 2 Bonus Points

TKO or KO or WIN by Decision = 1 Bonus Point

Take a Pic at the end of the match and it will Show what round you won in at the bottom of the screen.



Road Runner Scores


205700 - Nads (+50)

153300 - Kermit (+49)

144000 - Absalon (+48)

139700 - SkippyBCoyote (+47)

123700 - McCallister (+46)

  97600 - AtariSphinx (+45)

  93900 - JasonHRB (+44)

  87400 - GBAG (+43)

  86600 - Deteacher (+42)

  85400 - Evandro (+41)

  81200 - LaurenTyler (+40)

  80800 - DomBradley (+39)

  76900 - Vocelli (+38)

  74700 - Roadrunner (+37)

  74300 - Keilbaca (+36)

  77200 - Maloff (+35)

  71400 - JasonAtari (+34)

  71100 - Atarian7 (+33)

  70200 - CrazyClimber (+32)

  67500 - CTkelkin (+31)

  66400 - MarkGriff (+30)

  65900 - JGKspsx (+29)

  65300 - Atari_Warlord (+28)

  65200 - Ed (+27)

  64500 - OyamaFamily (+26)

  64300 - TheActivisionary (+25)

  54500 - FakeCortex (+24)

  51100 - DrMooCowz (+23)

  44200 - RGC (+22)

  42200 - JacobZu7Zu7 (+21)

  38100 - LordInnit (+20)

  36200 - MoisesTuseto (+19)

  25100 - AGB (+18)

  12100 - Krytol (+17)



RealSports Boxing Bonus


Round 1 or 2 TKO or KO (+5)

SkippyBCoyote      Rd 1

CTelkin                 Rd 1

Roadrunner          Rd 1

LaurenTyler          Rd 1

JasonHRB             Rd 1

Deteacher             Rd 1

Atari_Warlord        Rd 1

AtariSphinx           Rd 1

Nads                    Rd 1

JasonAtari             Rd 1

Maloff                   Rd 1

Atarian7               Rd 1

DomBradley          Rd 1

RGC                     Rd 1

TheActivisionary    Rd 1

Absalon                Rd 2

FakeCortex            Rd 2

Kermit                  Rd 2

Evandro                Rd 2

MoisesTuseto         Rd 2

JGKspsx               Rd 2

DrMooCowz          Rd 2

Vocelli                  Rd 2

LordInnit              Rd 2

AGB                     Rd 2


Round 3 or 4 TKO or KO (+4)

JacobZu7Zu7         Rd 4


Overall Standings

Remember the TOP 32 will Qualify for the Bracket Challenge at the end of the Season!


206     Kermit
194     MarkGriff
188     OyamaFamily
186     JGKspsx
182     Dr Moocowz
177     Nads
176     JasonHRB
174     AtariSphinx
173     SkippyBCoyote
170     Deteacher
165     Evandro
159     CTelkin
158     JasonAtari
158     Keilbaca
151     Vocelli
150     Absalon
144     McCallister
138     GBAG
132     Atari_Warlord
126     RaymanC
123     DomBradley
121     Atarian7
118     AGB
118     Diamonds
112     Maloff
98     CrazyClimber
93     TheActivisionary
92     LaurenTyler
86     Ed
76     Lord Innit
75     FakeCortex
72     Krytol
72     Mchetzel
72     MoisesTuseto
71     Roadrunner
62     RGC
61     JacobZu7Zu7
57     RetroBreakout
56     GType
51     Atariwarlord
48     Nester
40     Jblenkle
38     AtariWarlord
3     Capitain Classic



Season 12 will have:

~ Red Label Games

~ Gold Medal winner pick from Kermit

~ Silver Medal winner pick from IsaiahAustin

~ Bronze Medal winner pick from DrMooCowz

~ Paper Medal winner pick from McCallister

~ Winter Olympic Games

~ Suggestions and Requests

~ HomeBrew Weeks

~ Chosen Company Games

~ Paddle Weeks

~ Beat the leader weeks

The Season should end at the end of April.

The TOP 32 will qualify for the Medal Bracket Challenge.

Edited by Vocelli
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Oh heck yes! Road Runner is definitely one of my all time favorite Atari 2600 games, because how could I not love a game where the coyote always wins in the end? :lol:


I'm gonna have a heck of a time beating my all time personal best high score in this one, but here's a score to get things started.


Edit: Well, I was wrong! Here's a new personal best high score for me! :)




Road Runner (Game 1, B/B Difficulty): 94,700



Edited by Skippy B. Coyote
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New to these two. I really like Road Runner; such a nice looking game! I like/hate the scoring, since a perfect run gets you a lot of points, but a missed pile of seed sets you back big time. For boxing, I got a KO on my first try in 2 rounds, but not sure how cause my next try was in 4. There’s either a knockout punch I’m missing or my hands were just done from button smashing. 


Road Runner - 45,500



RealSports Boxing - Knockout in round 2


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After much practice I finally beat level 4 for the first time and broke 100K! It was kind of Pyrrhic victory though since about 10 seconds into level 5 I heard the "Crack!" noise of my joystick snapping, which promptly ended my run even though I still had two lives left. I suppose that is kind of an accomplishment in itself though since I haven't managed to actually break an Atari joystick in at least 3 years. Thankfully I have a spare but I should probably start hunting down some extra joysticks in the not too distant future :dunce:



Road Runner (Game 1, B/B Difficulty): 102,900




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6 hours ago, Jasonhrb said:

I have to say, I am loving the fact that we have both a "Roadrunner" and a "Coyote" playing and on this thread......... very appropriate ?


Oh wow, that is kind of hilarious! :lol:


No score updates from me today, but I did put down the money to have RetroGameBoyz build me a custom Atari 2600 themed single button version of his Atari/Commodore arcade stick ( https://retrogameboyz.com/products/commodore-64-atari-2600-arcade-stick-with-push-up-to-jump-button-mold-injection-case ) so hopefully in a month or so I should get a nice responsive joystick in the mail that I won't be able to break. In the meantime I'll try to be gentle on my last surviving CX-40 :)


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