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Yahtzee 2021 - new Atari 8bit and 5200 game release by Anschuetz/Weisgerber/Anschuetz


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Atari 8bit: Yahtzee 2021.xex

Atari 5200: Yahtzee 2021.rom


Here is the 13th of 14 A/W/A game release for 2021 - Yahtzee 2021.


Yahtzee is played like the standard dice game and has the same rules.   Instructions for rolling dice, re-rolling, and selecting scoring categories are shown on the main screen.  Once the five dice are rolled, the player has the option to re-roll any of the dice to improve his lot.  The player then selects which category toward which to apply the dice combinations.   There are several categories that must be filled.  Of course, rolling all dice with the same number provides a Yahtzee and a cute little animation by Professor Yahtzee.  The player attempts to get the highest score possible for the Upper Total of rolls, which consists of getting 1-of-a-kind rolls of the 6 different dice face possibilities.   The Lower Total consists of combinations that are similar to a poker hand.   At the end of the game the Upper Total and Lower Total are added together to provide the final score.  The option key toggles the music on/off.


This is a remake of a BASIC game written in 1987 which is available on Atarimania.com: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-yahtzee_31440.html.  Unlike most of our other games, this one was purposely left "old school" and the new Assembly language version is a faithful port of the original BASIC version.


We hope you enjoy this game!  One last game will be released by us before the end of the year.


Robert Anschuetz (@rra)

Eric Anschuetz (@eea)

John Weisgerber (@jjw)




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Great stuff!


Two requests One request (as I found 'Option' toggles music)


During the game, against 'Bonus', could you display the score relative to the goal?

So basically that would be the current upper total minus 3 times the value of the filled dice.

e.g. if I rolled 3 Threes but 2 Fours then my current total is (3 * 3 + 2 * 4) = 17 and the goal is (3 * 3 + 3 * 4) = 21, and so the Bonus would show "-4".

if I then rolled 4 Sixes then my new total would be 17 + (4 * 6) = 41 and the goal would be 21 + (3 * 6) = 39 and so the Bonus would now show "+2".


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Nicely done. I really enjoy Yahtzee and this is a fine version.


Two suggestions.. I'm used to selecting the dice I want to keep, and I've mistakenly discarded dice several times with this version. A toggle for keep/ re-roll would be welcome.


And it would be cool if the figure could be a little animated ala APX's Yahtman.

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