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Modern VCS Owners Geographical Survey (Ongoing)


Modern VCS Owners - Geographical Survey (Ongoing)  

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  1. 1. Where are you living, as an actual modern VCS owner?

    • The USA
    • Oceana (Australia, New Zealand etc.)
    • Canada
    • Continental Europe (EU or not)
    • The UK or Ireland/Eire
    • Central or South America
    • Asia
    • Africa
    • N/A - not a modern VCS owner

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Although this is only a small forum at the moment, and VCS owners on social-media or
forums are scattered across AtariAge, Facebook, Discord, Reddit, and other places TBA,
it would be interesting to see anonymously the distribution of VCS owners geographically.

If you don't own the new VCS owner yet, please don't vote, or choose the last option.

If you're from Antartica, yes, I missed your whole continent out, but you'd deserve a
whole topic to yourself. Where you are, and how you got your system, will deserve it.

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I got a Collectors Edition first, and then subsequently bought extra hardware 2nd-hand in
The Netherlands. I was amazed that so many people had bought systems and were offering
them for-sale still sealed, never having opened the box, or tried the system, whatsoever...
(I'm English, not Dutch, but I live in The Netherlands.)

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First, I will discuss a random point.  Which is, I let a year go by, sometimes several, and I come back to AtariAge and I've forgotten what account I was using.

So I create a new one.

This time I remembered that I did have an older account, so I am using this one again, I guess.


OK, but why I've returned to AtariAge - my wife was asking me what I want for Christmas, so I get something Atari basically every year - and I saw that Gamestop had the Atari VCS on sales for $279, the all-in bundle.  Well - that's a good price, so we bought it.  it's being shipped, I don't quite have it yet, but I will, in any event, not open it until Christmas.


USA buyer.


I may use it as a device emulator for my Atari 1200XL, not sure.  I may try playing a modern game.  I hate to be negative, but can anything beat Donkey Kong, I doubt it.   :)


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Not only is it interesting to see where VCS owners are from, it would also be interesting to see the age and sex of VCS owners. Being a male teen in the late 70s-early 80s I bought a VCS for reasons of nostalgia primarily, along with the ability to hack on it. I think it would be interesting to know who and why people are purchasing them.

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