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Ghosts 'n Goblins and Night Knight new games


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Thanks to ZeroPage Homebrew interview, Matt Smith @mksmith revealed that he's working on a conversion from C64 to Atari 7800 of Ghost's 'n Goblins (2015 version).


Latest wip file (it is even possible to test it online)






Matt is working on the conversion of Night Knight from MSX too!



Thank you very much!

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Big thanks goes out to Matt Smith @mksmith for coming on the ZeroPage Homebrew livestream last night and being such a great interview guest discussing his incredible upcoming games!


Both the two secret games of Ghosts n' Goblins and Night Knight play amazingly and I can't wait for everyone to check them out once they're released!


- James






1958446927_20211204-GhostsnGoblins.thumb.jpg.6fdd64f909874532eb33834bb33b8397.jpg 1583682637_20211204-NightKnight.thumb.jpg.4b875aeca76e51257c0a48a7f1a77178.jpg

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Thanks again @ZeroPage Homebrew James and Tanya for having me yesterday - was really enjoyable couple of hours talking about everything.


Thanks all! Once Petscii is done will get back into these.


GnG will most likely be a long-term project due to the size and scope but will try building upon what I have done so far.  It might be a little rework to clean up the current source for future expansion but well see how it goes.  Here's the current build if you would like to give it a try!


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6 hours ago, yell0w_lantern said:


Great looking ports and I hope the 7800 has many more to come!

It will, believe me, otherwise I would not have bothered to invest the $$$ into both Lil' Sexy and the Concerto to go along with her. The Future IS NOW!!!


I may be a 5200-first guy (as obvious by my posts in which some have taken liberties with my desire to have (almost) everything 8-bit converted for her), but indeed that's why I said if it ever came down financially to owning only 2 of my 4 units, the 5200 (Big Sexy) and the 7800 (Lil' Sexy) would be the two I'd keep.


I'm currently on a hot date with Lil' Sexy tonight as I'm digging in to some of the ports that have been made for her, and these two, will also be on that list too.

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4 hours ago, SlidellMan said:

Will the 7800 version of Ghosts 'n Goblins have the levels and bosses that Elite had to cut out the c64 port?

Thanks @SlidellMan.  I would certainly look towards the 2015 arcade version which is a pretty complete update vs the original Elite release.  Time will tell! 

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9 minutes ago, DrVenkman said:

Why don't you just HAVE one for all the other awesome stuff it already does so well? (Food Fight, Commando, Joust, ANYTHING by Bob D. ...) 

Ron Burgundy What GIF

@DrVenkman is right. That ALSO is why I invested the $$$ to add Lil' Sexy to my gaming lineup last year.


....oh and BTW, don't forget to get the Concerto to go along with it. It's CRUCIAL you have one so you can follow all of the WIP ports as well.

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Hopefully Night Knight will be up soon, I've already downloaded G & G, but they say good things come to those who wait and I'll be waiting


.....and you guys thought I was a 5200-only guy, I WAS up until a year ago when I found out about (the then WIP) Concerto that Fred Quimby was developing for Lil' Sexy, THAT, brought me to the 7800 scene.

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