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2022 HSC Rd. 2 Winter Games


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UPDATE: Do you like free prizes with free shipping? :) This year, the top twenty participants will receive a 2 1/4" tall figurine from a Garbage Pail Kids advent calendar! Suitable for display, collecting dust, or as a replacement board game token- revitalize Monopoly with a "Smelly Shelly!" First place gets first pick. I'll post the list of characters once they're all opened. Why only 20, you ask? Because I bought it on clearance last year and there's missing pieces...


We now return to round 2:


It's getting a wee bit chilly up North. It's time to warm up with some Winter Games


Settings: Speed Skating. Difficulty switches b/b

HSC record: 0:26.0, by oyamafamily


Bonus game: Santa Simon


HSC record: 21, by atomickneedrop


Round ends December 28, Midnight CST


Scores for the season:


16 oyamafamily

13 Deteacher

12 toiletunes

11 Silver Back

10 Dr Moocowz

09 Cafeman

08 roadrunner


06 jgkspsx

05 BydoEmpire

04 Lauren Tyler

03 jeremiahjt

02 Rick Dangerous

01 jblenkle


Scores for this round:


Santa Simon:


24 Rick Dangerous (New record!)

16 oyamafamily

15 Deteacher

12 toiletunes


12 jgkspsx

12 BydoEmpire

11 Dr Moocowz

8 Silver Back


Winter Games:


25.7 Silver Back (New record!)

26.0 jeremiahjt

26.6 Rick Dangerous

26.9 BydoEmpire

27.4 Deteacher

27.8 Dr Moocowz

28.1 oyamafamily

29.4 NIKON

29.5 jgkspsx

30.1 roadrunner

32.5 toiletunes

34.3 Lauren Tyler


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I can't figure out how to properly get my skater to move.  I'm moving left and right alternatively, but he either skates briefly or stops completely.  It says to move the joystick 'rhythmically' but I dunno what that rhythm is.




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