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Announcing the TMS9995, Electronics Magazine

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From Electronics Magazine


[Electronics May 5, 1981, p.27-28] 


(pdf attached)


new, high-performance processor with exclusive on-chip features to reduce chip count ... from Texas Instruments.





The fastest 8/16-bit processor available anywhere. 

From anyone.

16x16-bit multiply in 7.67us.


All you have to do is compare and you'll see that the biggest choice in 16-bits just got bigger. Faster. More powerful.

TMS9995 joins the industry's most complete 16-bit family of microprocessors, microcomputers, microcomputer modules, peripherals, software, and software and hardware development systems.

Now you have an easy upgrade to 16 bits, while retaining the economy of 8 bits. And, you'll get all the benefits of TI's all-pervasive family compatibility that lets you move from one product level to another — from single-chips to multi-chips to modules to systems — protecting your software investment and development systems as you go — no translators, no code converters, no extras.

And now there's TMS9995 — with all the inherent advantages of memory-to-memory architecture, plus 256 bytes of on-chip RAM.

And now there's TMS9995 — for all those tough tasks that demand 16-bit speed and processing power.

And now there's TMS9995 — with on-chip clock, 16-bit timer/event counter and 8-bit data bus for interfacing to everything from a minimum 3-chip system to a 16-megabyte memory system (just add the 99610 memory mapper).

TMS9995. Shrinking chip count and program size. Ready for VLSI.

Logical link

TI's TMS9940 was the first single-chip 16-bit microcomputer—and the first to transcend the limitations of high-speed and high-resolution. TMS9995 adds the ability to address off-chip memory to the TMS9940 — up to 64K bytes. Together they fill the requirements from small microcomputer-based systems to medium-sized systems, using on-board RAM and off-board ROM, to larger systems needing off-board RAM and ROM.

TMS9995—-Key features

• 16-bit CPU
• 12 MHz clock with on-chip clock generator
• 256-byte on-chip RAM
• 16-bit on-chip interval timer/event counter
• 7 levels of vectored interrupts 
• instruction prefetch
• automatic first wait-state generation
• MID—-macro-instruction detect interrupt
• single 5-V power supply 
• 40-pin dual-in-line-package.

Performance plus

Three times faster than the TMS9900, TMS9995 executes a16x16-bit multiply in just 7.67 us. A 32-bit number divided by a16-bit number in just 9.33 p.s. TMS9995 can run with currently available fast memories of 120-ns access times, or by using automatically generated wait states, 450-ns access time memories.

256-bytes of fast on-chip RAM is organized as 128 x 16-bit words, allowing a full 16-bit word access in one clock cycle.

And, TMS9995 uses an intelligent pipelined architecture where the op code of the next instruction to be performed is prefetched. For example, the microcode for Branch and Jump instructions direct TMS9995 processors to prefetch the true next instruction instead of blindly prefetching from the next sequential memory location.

And now, a word about memory-to-memory architecture

The innovative architecture at the very heart of the 9900 Family reaches it's performance peak in the TMS9995 thanks to on-chip RAM. Comparison of execution speed benchmarks clearly show the advantages.

Support, support, support.

Necessary for any microcomputer family. TI's 9900 Family is supported by Pascal, Basic and Fortran software and software and hardware development systems, including a low-cost Evaluation Module, TMAM6095, for $800.* TI also offers training, documentation and expert field assistance. Training, service and design assistance are available at Distributor System Centers, and TI's Regional Technology Centers.

Commitment to 16-bit leadership

The continuing introduction of new, advanced, high-performance 9900 Family CPUs, with TI's state-of-the-art technology and production-proven resources, clearly demonstrates a commitment to leadership. A commitment to choice. A commitment to the future.

For more information about the new TMS9995, or any other 9900 Family member, contact the TI distributor or field sales office nearest you, or write to Texas Instruments Incorporated, P. 0. Box 1443, M/S 6404, Houston, Texas 77001.

TMS9995 Ad.pdf

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