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FS: NUON Players, CONTROLLERS & Accessories!


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I've accumulated some spare NUON stuff over the years and have decided to make the items available to this fine community. Here's what I've got:



Samsung DVD-N501 Player - $100

Toshiba SD-2300 NUON Player with remote - $100 SOLD



Toshiba SD-2300 Remote - $25 SOLD

Samsung DVD-N501 Remote - $30 



HPI Stealth *New in Box/Sealed* - $300 SOLD

Logitech Gamepad - $250 SOLD


Please send me a PM with interest and I would be happy to provide you with some pictures of the items that interest you. Note that prices listed include shipping to anywhere in the US. If you haven't worked with me before, feel free to check out my feedback here at AtariAge. Thanks!


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Just now, jgkspsx said:

Is it safe to play DVD-Rs (DVD+Rs?) on these? The only Nuon game I have is the Songbird reissue of Iron Soldier 3 and given the prices that is probably all I will ever have...

Based on my experience, DVD-Rs are very hit or miss on Toshiba players. DVD+Rs and rewritable discs will not work at all. DVD-Rs work much better on Samsung DVD-N501s. All of that said, others have reported that their Toshiba units work FLAWLESSLY with DVD-Rs, so maybe my DVD burner is just really bad at burning NUON discs? I swear that I killed the laser in a Toshiba unit or two by trying to get it to play a DVD-R game. You can get a retail version (well not retail, as it was bundled with Samsung players) of Ballistic for under $30 these days. Hell, one sold in an eBay auction in late October for $5.50 with free shipping! Despite it being bundled with Samsung players, it works great on Toshiba players and even playing it with the Toshiba remote is very smooth and dare I say enjoyable.

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I am kind of dependent on a modern repro controller, and Ballistic is a game I had my fill of on the Game Boy and DS a long time ago... I mostly want Tempest 3000, Freefall, and Space Invaders XL, and maybe Merlin Racing, all of which I think are insanely expensive. Most of all I want the VLM, which this would certainly solve :D

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That's fair, @jgkspsx. So you already have a modern repro controller or you're hoping one will come out soon? I know Songbird is working on one. I enjoy Freefall,  Tempest, Space Invaders and Merlin Racing. If you set up alerts on eBay for those titles, sometimes you can get lucky. The VLM is certainly fun! Aesthetically-speaking, I think the Toshiba SD-2300 is the most attractive of the NUON players.

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I really want to play Iron Soldier 3 but at this point I think I am just holding out hope that the Songbird team will deliver on a repro controller. If I trusted mine's laser to not crap out or to be able to play DVD-R's I would be more willing to invest in it but I suspect its days are numbered.

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