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So I have decided to rebrand my website at http://www.thehelper.net to be a Unity developer help site.  Why Unity?  Because you can build for the VCS.  We are going to be a learn Unity resource while myself and my staff develop our games and give updates and do tutorials and youtube stuff.  We are going to be sharing the knowledge and if you want to develop games for the VCS in Unity or whatever Atari decides to do with that come on too!  We are also going to encourage all developers to make VCS builds and explain the classic joystick and leaderboards.


This is a big change for us we used to be a Blizzard games technical support and World Editor Map Making help site in the past but the good news is a bunch of our previous forum members are now game developers.  They made the switch from Warcraft 3 mapping to game development.  This is real early stuff but as of now we have 2 games in the plans and more coming hopefully once we get more people on board.  TheHelper.net has been around for over 20 years we started about the same time as Atari Age.  Once we get some VCS content expect it to be posted here!

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