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DK XM and what to do about it


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I purchased an XM and DK XM many years ago. Obviously, I have the DK XM Cart in hand, but no XM.


With Curt's tragic passing, I no longer expect the XM. I've been paying less attention to what's happened since his passing, so I was wondering what solutions might exist to play DK XM with full sound. Is there an "adapter" cart or "heir to XM" or something similar? Or, am I best off just finding DK PK once Hokey is out?

Or, just buy a Hokey equipped Concerto and get/buy the ROM?


Who knows? Maybe someday collectors will seek out original DK XM carts for their odd place in Atari collecting history.

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Did you buy the DK XM cart directly from @tep392? If so, perhaps you could exchange PMs and figure out how to exchange/convert your cart to DK PK (with POKEY aboard the cart) or get a binary to play on a Concerto or Dragonfly cart (which have provisions for POKEY chips inside them).

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2 hours ago, Defender_2600 said:


Among the options, a pass-through cartridge is under development, I hope it will support DK XM.




If it supports POKEY at $0450, then DKXM will work with it.  I bought both Froggy and Beefdrop without POKEY, in anticipation of the XM being released.  They should work with this passthrough device also.


@Colceo , Anyone who has purchased a PK or XM version of Donkey Kong from me can have the ROM for free to run on their Concerto or Dragonfly cart.  Just PM me.

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