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Bally Arcade 4 Player Games List


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There are only a few 4 player games for the Astrocade. (I dont count Blackjack, Bowling, or other non-simultaneous games.)



Of these, Checkmate is an excellent surround variant, Red Barron is a fun version of Biplanes (combat clone), Football is quite fun (before Tecmo Bowl (NES) came out, and Demolition Derby is a fun party game to smash your opponents car. 



Checkmate (builtin)

Scribble (builtin)

Red Baron/Panzer Attack



Tornado Baseball/Tennis/Hockey/Handball

Gran Prix/Demolition Derby


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On 12/22/2021 at 12:06 PM, Sonaru said:

What are the best simultaneous 2 player games for the Bally Arcade?


One of my favorite two-player games on the Astrocade is Dog Patch, which my friend and I play in this video:



Episode 7 of the Bally Alley Astrocast from February 2017 covers Dog Patch and O-Jello (a BASIC game):




Some people find Dog Patch too simple, but when played against a good player, then the gameplay becomes quite hectic.



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48 minutes ago, glazball said:

Can't we add War to the list of 4p games?


Yeah, War is great too.  I've only played it a handful of times with four players, but it's a blast to play that way.  I like "War" better than the Atari version on the 2600 because holding onto the fireball causes damage to the player's own castles, which discourages overuse of holding onto it for too long.



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1 minute ago, Chris+++ said:

Do I sense an upcoming four-player Bally session with you, me, Brian and Christopher? :D


Man, you still have not met Christopher, have you?!?  He's coming by the day after you come over next week.  The timing is off by a day.  A four-player "War" competition would be fun; we certainly have got enough locals here for it.



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