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Odyssey Christmas


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I have attached the demo ROM that Rafael created.


It only features 3 houses of the game and then it stops. The released game has 15 houses and 1 final house with the ROASTED TURKEY DINNER which is being be protected by 4 guard dogs.




Some notes:




- This is a timed game. Best time wins.




- Fly your sleigh through the night sky. Avoid the rogue snowflakes. Get hit and your sleigh will be bumped and 10 seconds get added to your time.




- Navigate your sleigh and carefully land onto a roof to enter a house.




- Steal , I mean collect, the presents in the house. Do not bump into the walls.


If you do, the lights will come on and you will have to be still for a few seconds... this adds more seconds to your time.




- Press the action button to make Mean Santa move faster while in the houses.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022!


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