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DPC+ Driver Source Code


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Is there any way I can get access to the DPC+ driver source code?


I'm interesting in potentially designing a new bank-switching scheme / driver based on DPC+ with the main goal being to allow easier sprite switching / multiplexing during the kernel.  I have some ideas I'd like to explore, but without a frame of reference, this is a non-starter for me.  Currently, I'm only able to poke around in the "theoretical" darkness by either (a) disassembling the code myself and hacking away at it OR (b) hack something into Stella that is potentially NOT doable on the Harmony cartridge.  I'm not really interested in doing either of those.


This is something I'm interested in exploring and potentially using in ChaoticGrill.


I do have other ideas that don't involve this path of exploration... just thought I'd ask to see if there's any chance of pursing this one.

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