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The King's Cheese is on the Table (Donkey Kong Hack)


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The Story


You are Miro, a bold and brave mouse. Your recurring thoughts are to delight in the tasty royal cheese of the King that is on the table. You can visualize these thoughts from Miro above your head. The problem is that your mission will not be easy. The King, knowing of his unwanted resident of his Towers, has prepared several traps, but this will not stop Miro from reaching his goals.
So provided with his courage Miro will leave his lair towards the royal table with the red dish and the royal cheese, autonomous mousetraps will try to immobilize you and 4 royal court cats see Miro as a succulent steak. Miro's great talent is to be a great jumper and thus dodge his enemies with great agility. The only weapon available for Miro to use is a temporary magic hammer that when touching your opponents makes them disappear.
And then, are you ready to face the King's challenges and leave Miro's stomach satisfact full on cheese?


Good Fun.



Captura de tela de 2021-12-29 00-09-25.png

Captura de tela de 2021-12-29 00-08-58.png







The King's Cheese is on the Table.bin

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