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It has been a while since I posted here on this forum..


For the past few months I was busy putting together my game room so that I (finally) can play and display videogame my collection.

While unboxing, I came across an Atari Cosmos hologram of Superman I got (about 20 years ago) at a South Jersey Nava meetings (held at Mike Etler’s shop).

Ever since I got it I never knew which Cosmos game it was belonging to. Whenever I looked at it - back at the time - I could see a single 3D image of buildings..  

Today, I spent some time reading on this unreleased system online, and learned that each hologram actually contains 2 3D images. As a result of that - my curiosity increased and I went to double check my hologram and for the first time (ever) I was able to see the 3D hologram of Superman and a dragon next to is as well as a 3D hologram of a city.. I was able to take a couple of photos of these holograms which I attached below.


Thanks for reading and happy new year everyone!





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The cartridge was just a plastic picture frame for the hologram basically.  It had some notches in the back of it, so when it was inserted in the game the notches selected the game it would play.

But yeah, each game 'cartridge' had it's own hologram.  I think the Superman hologram and the Asteroids one are the most commonly available.  Some ex-Atari employee I think had a few dozen of each and sold them on eBay a while back.


There's some more info in my website about it, and pictures of a working unit:



If the AtariMuseum website works on the Web Archive, there's probably some more details there...

(Whatever happened to all the stuff Curt had?)

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