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What do you want from AtG@mes in 2022?


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An open emulation box running Linux.  Carts that are literally cases for bog standard USB sticks.


Making homebrew would just be a matter of formatting the USB drive (in the cart) and including startup files to launch an emulator and your ROM.


But, I know I'll get the usual "You are not the target audience" or "they're afraid of bigger companies suing them" response.


Sure would be cool to have, though :)

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On 1/20/2022 at 12:56 PM, Leonard Smith said:

I think so.

They probably found that they've milked the poor 2600 retro market for what it was worth (we'll be seeing tons and tons of unwanted flashbacks in our landfills and ebay sites for decades to come), and have moved on to doing the same with repro arcade cabs and pinballs since they could weasel into the subscription model for a continuous revenue stream.

"We gots to get onto that subscription model like all the other entertainment and media companies!"


They had all these years to get it right with the Flashback and never could strike gold.  Really baffling.


It was a pretty good run to have a decade or so of Atari editions. Clearly it tapped out for them and no other Atari console has the identity of the 2600 for them to have branched out.



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On 1/20/2022 at 2:48 PM, GoldLeader said:

Dream idea,  not reality:


What I want is for them to put out an Atari 5200 Flashback.  But and this is important,  it should be compatible with original joysticks,  yet come with a pair of newly designed,  self-centering sticks.


  Now the idea gets a bit weird, but it should also come with huge library of Atari 8-Bit titles.   And there should be a button somewhere on the console marked BIGHMW.  Pushing this button will trigger a loud sample, that says, "Go Big Sexy!" and instantly makes a conversion of an 8-Bit title to a 5200 title,  or vice versa.

That one made me laugh. Thanks.

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Since you've asked, I'd love to see a console that looks exactly like the early Atari VCS, with suitable internal shielding and a cartridge port that can support any piece of software made for the original console. RF would be enough -- I don't have or want a modern television. I would even be willing to pay extra if the unit came with two removeable CX40-style joysticks and a set of paddles.


Oh, wait.


That's a heavy sixer. :)


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