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Storage Plastic case to store Harmony cart?


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You've got at least two options.


Up until last year, your best bet was a so-called "Universal Game Case," which you could buy for about $1.50. These have a clear plastic wraparoudnsleeve that lets you do your own cover, back, and spine. They're no longer being made but you can find them on Amazon or ALiExpress for about $3.00 each if you're lucky. If you only need one I guess the price is no big deal.


These are really good because they're sized for cover art from http://thecoverproject.net/, which is a great source for 2600 game cover art and stickers. A quick DuckDuckGo yields this Harmony-specific cover from these very forums, which I've attached just in case the link goes wonky.


Your second option is to talk to Sgt_Mo to see if he does something for the Harmony Cart. His store is here. I didn't see any Harmony-specific artwork listed but he may either ahve something or be willing to whip it up. IDK where he gets his cases -- they're not UGCs.





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