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2022 Cleaning out the attic - collection pics, ongoing


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I'm moving soon, so I've been cleaning out the game room closet and attic of my prior house, discovering and cataloguing what I find.  If and when I decide to get rid of any stuff I'll post it in a marketplace thread, for now I'd just like to share a few pictures of stuff and some comments. 


1. I found a buried extra 5200 trak-ball controller. I believe this needs some work with the internal rollers - either cleaned or replaced to get better action on the ball. I have another trak-ball controller which is also boxed and works better, but I'm debating if I want to hold on all this rarely-played and rarely-used stuff.   Last time I used these trak-balls was when the AA store released Tempest 5200.  







2. This surprised me - a black GameCube, with Gameboy Player on the bottom, and S-video/RCA cable and power cord.  I have to test and see how this works, but my actual Gamecube games are in storage.   Gotta stop by and get a few games to test this out.   Personally, I  probably have no use for this anymore, I use my Wii for GCN gaming. 




3. Finally for tonight,  I have a 10 gallon bin with all my Dreamcast game boxes.  I keep the game discs in a wallet on my entertainment center but stored the boxes away.  What surprised me is I still have several Official Dreamcast Demo Discs - Volumes 3,4,7,8,9, and 11. And the Sega Dreamcast Generator demo disc Vol. 1.  I still have my DC hooked up (via HDMI too) on my current place so I might pop them in one night this week and see what's one them.   Also shown:   Dreamcast Shenmue II that I imported back then.   I love the look of the box/packaging. 



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