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What have you ACTUALLY played tracker - Modern Edition (2022)


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12 hours ago, Skippy B. Coyote said:

I ended up enjoying Yoku's Island Express so much that after beating it I went back and put several more hours into the game until I had seen all there was to see, done all there was to do, and achieved 100% completion. It's not often I go for 100% in a big expansive modern game, but this one was just so darn fun I really couldn't put it down! Yoku's Island Express was definitely one of those rare perfect 10 games for me :)



I LOVED Yoku.  I played it on GamePass, and I wanted more.  I haven't really found a game that scratches quite the same itch again.  Been meaning to try "Creature in the Well" as some make similar comparisons.

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9 minutes ago, wongojack said:

I LOVED Yoku.  I played it on GamePass, and I wanted more.  I haven't really found a game that scratches quite the same itch again.  Been meaning to try "Creature in the Well" as some make similar comparisons.

It’s good but not as good IMO and not nearly as much of a pinball game. It’s more of a hack n slash dungeon crawler that happens to include a pinball. I like it a lot but it can be very frustrating. Very nice art, though.

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Week 02


Top games


1. Halo Infinite (Xbox Series X) - 941 min. (#3)
2. Shin Megami Tensei V (Switch) - 895 min.
3. Alien: Isolation (Switch) - 845 min. (#2)
4. Forza Horizon 5 (Xbox Series X) - 720 min. (#9)
5. Yoku's Island Express (Switch) - 650 min.
6. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (Xbox One) - 484 min. (#1)
7. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (Xbox One) - 428 min. (#4)
8. Pokémon Sapphire (GBA) - 420 min. (#5)
9. NBA Jam (Wii) - 350 min.
10. Taonga: the Island Farm (Browser based) - 280 min.


Top systems


1. Switch - 2870 min. (#2)
2. Xbox Series X - 1841 min. (#3)
3. Xbox One - 924 min. (#1)
4. iOS - 860 min. (#4)
5. Wii - 670 min.
6. GBA - 525 min. (#5)
7. Browser based - 355 min. (#9)
8. PS2 - 264 min. (#8)
9. Xbox 360 - 217 min.
10. PS3 - 118 min.

Total 9016 minutes and 45 different games on 17 different systems, with 11 participants.


While the mass effect subsides, the halo grows brighter until it turns infinite and becomes the most played game this week. Systems wise, the top three shift places but perhaps more unusual is that the PC is not even near the top 10. Within the total 17 systems we feature a new one, as the Nuon is added (via the Classic tracker). Given that both that one and the Japanese PS2 were released early 2000, they belong here though the destiny of respective system are quite different.

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Hey all, long time no see.  :)  


I've been really bad about not timing my gaming at all lately, so I haven't been posting... well I finally timed everything and wrote it down this week.  Hopefully I can keep that going.


Windows PC (these were through the XBox PC Game Pass thingie...)


Forza Horizon 5 - 310 min (Really played this a lot when it came out, but slowly winding down.  Played with some guys from Twitch and had a lot of fun.  But they've moved on so it's not as fun as it used to be.  I've already done all the races and stuff, so now it's just the weekly challenges and messing about with rivals and whatever accolades I think I can get.  Got quite a few top 1% times on the rivals...  reasonably proud of that.)


No Man's Sky - 1940 min (Been playing a LOT of this.  I remember when it came out, people were mad because it didn't live up to the promises made by the developers or something.  And then I think they made a lot of fixes and updates and such, and people started saying it was a lot better.  I never tried it.  Then I saw it on Game Pass and figured, what the heck, I'll give it a try.  Nothing to lose...  except time.  I have been completely drawn into flying around and learning languages and mining minerals and finding new ships and building bases and fighting space battles and only barely following the main quest line...  Super fun if you want open world kind of goof off fun.  I would have played more today, but had stuff I had to do after work.)


I've been playing Final Fantasy 3/6/whatever for my Twitch stream, but didn't play it this week.  It would have been in the other tracker, though.  So maybe next week I'll have something in both trackers again.  :)

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Yay, Garegga is back. I think I might take a break from shooting games for a while. Might replay Mary Skelter from beginning to end again as I also slowly work on Shin Megami Tensei V. We'll see.


Battle Garegga Rev.2016 - 55 (estimate)

I have discovered that the time tracking thing in the menu gets completely messed up if you use save states, which are an important training tool, so my time played actually somehow regressed from over 11 hours to about 10.5 hours from practicing using save states. Whatever, I guess. Not like I am going to stop using them to practice.


Shin Megami Tensei V - 822
Super Smash Bros Ultimate - 43


Mars Matrix - 3


Crimzon Clover World EXplosion - 34
Eschatos - 3


Star Wars Flight of the Falcon - 19

Don't play this. It's bad. I knew it was bad when I had it as a kid and it's still bad now.

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Here are my times for this past week (January 17th through 23rd, 2022) on modern systems:




Taonga: Island farm - 315 min. in 14 sessions


On the modern side, the only game I played was again Taonga: Island farm. This week I visited all islands currently open taking notes of what each of them currently has in store for me, and by far the most attractive one is still the island of the plant kingdom where I can get free wheat and big chunks of three sorts of fruit growing on trees. I also managed to dig out the second asteroid shard on the respective island.

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Cave Story - 110 minutes



I tracked some modern time using the PC-9821Ra266, something kinda cool so I actually remembered to take it down! Cave Story is an old favorite of mine, it's been a long time since playing it (on the PSP of all things!) and I'm really happy to have it running on the old Pentium II. I did have this running a month or so ago, I just didn't have audio so it kinda sucked. Now, after swapping some op-amps, it's golden. I didn't get too far, just past the Igor fight, but I'm happy to have it going again.

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61 minutes PC Teleglitch
haven't played this in ages.
made it to level 5..  
this game is completely brutal and 
unforgiving and I love it!


948 minutes TIS-100

here is my normalizer solution

I haven't touched this game probably a year because I got stuck on the 
signal mode problem and have been spinning my wheels on it and getting frustrated.
Tried to look at that problem for some more, then skipped it and
managed to do the next one, sequence normalizer in under 2 hours
which inspired me that I haven't lost my edge entirely, but the 
remainder of the nearly 16 hours was all on signal mode and I'm not
sure I'm any closer!

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Apple iOS:

Duolingo - 97 minutes. Almost 3/4 done… with my first pass… of six…


FANTASIAN - 22 minutes. It is a little too much of a recap of Final Fantasy VII so far for my tastes…




Pikmin Bloom - 153 minutes. Another Community Day Saturday and poinsettias have been replaced by camellias.




Atari VCS:


Black Widow Recharged - 15 minutes. It reset my challenges, the classic controller stopped working, and the sound doesn’t work on my whole console anymore. Ugh.



Wordle - 35 minutes. Haven’t lost one yet…


Micro Arcade / Tiny Arcade (“World’s Smallest Atari 2600”)


Combat - 15 minutes. The CPU player they added is way too easy even on hard, but it’s fun for a few plays, especially with ricochets.


Tempest - 20 minutes. Relatively close to the arcade but the spikers are hyper productive and shots seem to pass through direct hits. I set the top score at least, but it’s hard to do well - you know they knew it because you get two superzappers per level instead of one. I’m glad this isn’t the Atari 2600 prototype of the game but I am still disappointed that this device only has two Atari 2600-esque games. 




Microsoft Xbox 360:


Aegis Wing - 30 minutes. Man oh man is this intern-project shmup hard. It’s not great single player, I think multiplayer would really open it up.


Nintendo DS:


Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir - 200 minutes. Yes, this is the most casual of all casual genres, the hidden object search. This was not worth the time but it helped me fall asleep several times, so…




Nintendo Game Boy Advance:


Pinball Tycoon - 60 minutes. Found an incompatibility on the Analogue Pocket. This is shovelware I paid $2 for but it plays surprisingly well. Bad (and in one instance offensive) art on some tables but pretty interesting table design.




Nintendo Switch:


Missile Command Recharged - 15 minutes.



Nintendo Wii U:


Momonga Pinball Adventure - 45 minutes. It’s pretty fun. Not sure if it’s from the same developer as Yoku’s Island Express, but it has many things in common…

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Malzbie's Pinball Collection 292 


Bionic Commando Rearmed 62 

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 24 



Mass Effect Legendary Edition 1179 

Unpacking 16 



Among other things, I played a bunch of the arena battles that are part of the DLC for Mass Effect 3 and kept trying to win all the objectives on the "Mud Race" table in Malzbie's.

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My poor Switch didn't see a lot of play last week due to me playing a bunch of different Classic titles but I put some time in still on it.  The big 'time suck' was Forza Horizon 5 which I played over the weekend, mostly doing the Seasonal Stuff and filling out a few accolades I didn't have yet.  


Asteroids: Recharged -- 30 minutes
Black Widow: Recharged -- 30 minutes
Centipede: Recharged -- 30 minutes
Missile Command: Recharged -- 30 minutes
Yoku's Island Express -- 240 minutes


Xbox Series X:
Forza Horizon 5 -- 1080 minutes

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Xbox Series X

Halo Infinite: 362 minutes

MLB The Show 21: 263 minutes


Xbox One

PUBG: 289 minutes

Skyrim: 40 minutes


Xbox 360

Space Invaders Infinite Gene: 15 minutes



Microsoft Sudoku: 45 minutes

Monopoly Solitaire: 237 minutes

Pop! Blitz: 19 minutes


Watching football ate into a lot of gaming time this week.

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A good bit of variety for gaming around here this week! I finished up the last of the challenges I needed to do to get 100% competition in Yoku's Island Express, played a little Atari 2600 for the High Score Club, then played through a couple other games.


First I played Layers of Fear: Legacy on the Switch that I picked up on sale on the Switch eShop for $3 not long ago, and... uhhh, I'm not sure it was worth the $3 >_> It was trying to be a scary horror game but I found it to be pretty dull and monotonous, and by the end the story left me with more questions than answers. 


The next game I played was much better! It's been about a year since I got my XStation modded PlayStation and I've hardly used it at all since I got it, so this week I fired up the XStation and did a playthrough of my old favorite Resident Evil: Director's Cut! I breezed right through the game with Jill on normal mode, which was still a ton of fun so after I finished the playthrough with Jill I started a new game with Chris on advanced mode where all the item locations are rearranged, there's way more enemies, and all the enemies take a butt ton more shots to kill. It's reaaaaaally hard, but I'm sticking with it! :)





Frostbite (Atari 2600) - 83 minutes

Resident Evil: Director's Cut (PlayStation) - 787 minutes

Wizard of Wor (Atari 2600) - 80 minutes


Nintendo Switch
Layers of Fear: Legacy - 285 minutes
Yoku's Island Express - 145 minutes


Total Video Game Play Time This Week
1,380 minutes (23 hours 0 minutes) [430 minutes eligible]


Individual System Play Times This Week
PlayStation: 787 minutes
Nintendo Switch: 430 minutes
Atari 2600: 163 minutes

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Week 03


Top games


1. No Man's Sky (PC) - 1940 min.
2. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (Xbox One) - 1179 min. (#6)
3. Forza Horizon 5 (Xbox Series X) - 1080 min. (#4)
4. TIS-100 (PC) - 948 min.
5. Shin Megami Tensei V (Switch) - 822 min. (#2)
6. No Man's Sky (PS4) - 705 min.
7. Yoku's Island Express (Switch) - 385 min. (#5)
8. Halo Infinite (Xbox Series X) - 362 min. (#1)
9. Taonga: the Island Farm (Browser based) - 315 min. (#10)
10. Forza Horizon 5 (PC) - 310 min.


Top systems


1. PC - 3698 min.
2. Xbox Series X - 1705 min. (#2)
3. Switch - 1670 min. (#1)
4. Xbox One - 1524 min. (#3)
5. PS4 - 890 min.
6. iOS - 573 min. (#4)
7. Browser based - 350 min. (#7)
8. DS - 200 min.
9. PS2 - 131 min. (#8)
10. Xbox 360 - 131 min. (#9)


Total 11074 minutes and 51 different games on 16 different systems, with 13 participants.


This week can be summarized as the Revenge of the PC, as No Man's Sky takes the individual title and the system as such goes from below the top list back into #1. Both No Man's Sky and Forza Horizon 5 manage "system doubles" which happens now and then but no so often two games in the same week.

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This week's numbers...


All on PC

Forza Horizon 5 - 194 min (Really just logged on to do this week's challenges.  Got a couple new cars.  Did a rival.  I've been winding down on this since the people I was playing with have stopped playing it as much.  Seems crazy that a game only a couple months old is now... well... old.)


No Man's Sky - 1979 min (So much to do in this game.  Hasn't gotten old yet.  Upgrading stuff, building the base, doing the quests, and generally just goofing off.  I'm not advancing the main quest that fast.  Having fun doing other stuff.  But that means that some upgrades that you get doing the quests, I've already gotten by the time I do the quest.  So I get no reward.  Oh well.  I streamed this one this week and was naming different animals on a planet after viewers in the chat.  Had fun with that.  Also was playing in the PermaDeath mode while streaming.  First game didn't last very long... but the second one survived the early ordeals and was doing okay.  May continue with that on stream next week.)

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13 hours ago, Eltigro said:

advancing the main quest that fast. 

It really doesn't end though. The Atlas Path story reveals in such a way that you have to choose and play through each of 255 dimensions (galaxy). It ends but you can really play forever.

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I said I was going to take a break from shooting, but I changed my mind and bought more shooting games. No Qute games or Crimzon Clover this time, but Garegga is back and Switch R-Type Final 2 also makes a return after a very long time. The original Mary Skelter makes a return, as well.


Battle Garegga Rev.2016 - 29
Get Star - 3
Kyuukyoku Tiger - 307
Kyuukyoku Tiger (2 player version) - 3
Sennou Game Teki・Paki - 5
Tiger-Heli - 18
Twin Cobra - 27

Okay, everything here is M2 ShotTriggers, including Teki・Paki and Get Star, so I think it's safe to consider these PS4 instead of just regular arcade emulation, as I believe they do some recoding for ShotTriggers releases to optimize them to run extremely well on modern hardware. Kyuukyoku Tiger actually has a separate 2 player version that is based on Twin Cobra, although I don't know if there are any differences beyond the title screen.


R-Type Final 2 - 16

Shin Megami Tensei V - 40
Super Smash Bros Ultimate - 17


Command & Conquer Remastered - 123

I forgot how ridiculously uneven the difficulty in this game is. I have always found the missions where you do not have a base to be damn near impossible. The AI in the skirmish mode is hilariously stupid, though, as you can easily abuse it into selling all of its buildings and therefore losing by attacking everything with Orcas as GDI.


Kangokutou Mary Skelter - 338

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Here are my times for this past week (January 24th through 30th, 2022) on modern systems:


Taonga: Island farm - 183 min. in 14 sessions


I continued to play Taonga: Island farm this week. I've upgraded some of the early production stages so that the lack of wood isn't that glaring anymore, and the selection of things still lacking for the currently open assignments is more varied. Still for milk it isn't that easy to upgrade because that also depends on somewhat scarce source materials. Oh, it also dawned on me that the island of Tonga which has now been hit by a volcano eruption actually has a very similar name to the game, which also takes place on islands.

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January 24th through 30th, 2022

More of the same on the modern side


135 minutes PC Teleglitch

Died on Level 8 the blue walker.. had no armor piercing ammo of any sort

after wading through all the laser squids and war walkers on this level..

Still haven't managed to crack this game!  It has given me endless enjoyment

and I have only ever made level 9 once and just barely.

A new note I have never before obtained:



level 6 Boss unloading it's machineguns on me..  sure could have used those 70 

depleted uranium bullets on the blue walker!



60   minutes PC Lost Caves of Qud



445 minutes PC TIS-100

my algorithm for mode would work if I had like 3 more lines of space to put code in..  I managed to

do the mode correctly for the first sequence but I used every line and can't reset mode counter for the next run..

I barely managed to optimize enough for 2 more lines to be able to output the mode I got for the first sequence and

can't figure out how to get another 3!  Great game!  Highly recommended.  Not at all a homework assignment in disguise.




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Apple iOS:

Duolingo - 91 minutes 

Pikmin Bloom - 25 minutes

Atari VCS:


The sound is back!!! I had to unplug my TV. So weird.


Asteroids Recharged: 25 minutes




Black Widow Recharged: 25 minutes.



Wordle - 46 minutes.

Nintendo DS:


Nothing except Game & Watch Collections, which I would like to record under Game and Watch if @carlsson will let me.


Nintendo Switch:


Gunman Clive HD Collection (Gunman Clive 1): 75 minutes.




Beat the game once with Chief Joe and then played through half of duck mode before my battery died. If you want anatine glory and have had your fill of Untitled Goose Game, I highly recommend it. I knew the person who developed it, originally for mobile phones and the 3DS, on another forum long ago. I’m happy it has come to the Switch. This is the third or fourth time I’ve bought it, but for $2 a pop I can’t complain.

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