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What have you ACTUALLY played tracker - Modern Edition (2022)


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Apple iOS:

Duolingo - 52 minutes

Pikmin Bloom - 215 minutes



Gerald "Jerry" Lawson's 82nd Birthday (Google Doodle) - 15


Nintendo Game Boy Advance:

Ottifanten Pinball - 20 minutes


Nintendo GameCube:

Smashing Drive - 25 minutes


Nintendo Switch:

Pikmin 3 Deluxe - 15 minutes (to try to get a special Onion backback for Pikmin Bloom... no dice yet.)

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Week 48


Top games


1. Pokémon Scarlet (Switch) - 1760 min. (#2)
2. Relayer Advanced (PC) - 1712 min. (#1)
3. Rebel Galaxy (PC) - 442 min. (#5)
4. King's Field: The Ancient City (PS2) - 333 min.
5. Rayman Legends Definitive Edition (Switch) - 294 min.
6. Pikmin Bloom (iOS) - 215 min. (#7)
7. Pinball FX3 (Switch) - 210 min.
8. Rayman Origins (PC) - 184 min.
9. Donut Dodo (Switch) - 120 min.
9. Retro Bowl (Android) - 120 min. (#7)
9. Sonic Mania (PC) - 120 min.


Top systems


1. PC - 2555 min. (#2)
2. Switch - 2399 min. (#1)
3. PS2 - 333 min.
4. iOS - 267 min. (#5)
5. Android - 200 min. (#4)
6. Browser based - 75 min. (#9)
7. PS4 - 38 min.
8. Gamecube - 25 min.
9. GBA - 20 min. (#12)
10. Xbox One - 7 min. (#7)


Total 5919 minutes and 24 different games (of which 8 new) on 10 different systems, with 7 participants.


It is the week of flips and swaps, as on the individual list, Pokémon Scarlet and Relayer Advanced swap places, while on the systems list the PC and Switch do the same. In both cases the margins are rather slim (48 respective 156 minutes).


Pokémon Scarlet (Switch) also enters the 50 Hour Club with 4005 minutes. Yet again none of the games with accumulated times above 10000 minutes received any play time so the all-time top list at the moment remains static while it is moving a little behind.

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I don't remember playing Kyuukyoku Tiger this much, but apparently I did because the timer says I did. I am extremely close to being able to clear the game, so I hope to get it soon enough.


Jurassic World Evolution 2 - 177
Rayman Origins - 42
Relayer Advanced - 112

I have confirmed that New Game+ is broken to the point where it severely and negatively impacts the game's playability. Done with this game for the foreseeable future.


Super Stardust Delta - 36


Kyuukyoku Tiger - 109
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition - 542

Apparently I need motion controls to do the handheld mode exclusive levels and I refuse to use the garbage-tier Joy-Crap controllers and am done with everything else in the game, so it looks like I am finished with this game a little earlier than expected. Origins is still a better game.


Kyuukyoku Tiger - 716

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Here are my times for this past week (December 5th through 11th) on modern systems:


Hero Wars - 61 min. in 2 sessions


This week I revisited Hero Wars, a kind-of role playing game where you constantly fight battles against enemies and strive to strengthen your party over time to get further and further in the campaign.

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Hum. Hmmm.


Apple iOS:

Duolingo - 102 minutes




Pikmin Bloom - 330 minutes





I walked a lot this week.


Nintendo Game Boy Advance:

Ottifanten Pinball - 25 minutes


Nintendo Switch:

Pikmin 3 Deluxe - 75 minutes

played a while the demo and the cart and finally got the stupid backpack that doesn’t even show up most of the time.
River City Girls - 20 minutes


Sony PlayStation Vita:

ModNation Racers - 25 minutes


SuperImpulse Tiny Arcade:

Tetris - 20 minutes



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Depixtion 75 

Pixplode 48 

Rebel Galaxy 196 

Tainted Grail: Conquest 18 



The Last Of Us pii 354 



Feeding Frenzy 125 



Overcooked 2 111 

Spelunky 2 36



I finally started playing TLOU II.  The first game took some time for me to really enjoy it, so I'm not going to judge this one too early, but here's my "micro review" of the first 5-6 hours 



  • I didn't like Joel, so glad his role is . . . minimized
  • The linear path is obfuscated well; good job making me feel like I can explore and roam (when I can't)
  • Upgrading abilities and equipment is fun and gives me new ideas on how to play
  • Fast Zombies are scary



  • Story - I don't really like the good guys; they picked an ending as canon for the first game, and it was the worst one.
  • Story - I'd like to be able to make more choices and control what happens on screen
  • Challenge is off - The only time I die is from a specific enemy when they one-hit kill me
  • The flow is pretty slow.  I like story-driven games, but this needs more zombies to kill
  • Menus and inventory - gotta check a doc I picked up 2 hours ago for a code and it is buried 3 menus deep



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This week I played:


King's Field: The Ancient City for Playstation 2 - 172 minutes


Progress: I went through the forest area on the opposite side of the ancient city then made it through some of the chambers in the castle, eventually reaching the top floor of the ancient city, unlocking the door up there. I spent some time level and gold grinding on these demons that live in this one passageway with a hole in the wall. They respawn more than monsters in most other areas and drop larger amounts of gold. I think I found the priest's key so that chamber is probably where I need to go next.


I got the flu at the end of this week so not as much gaming took place. I'm still not sure if I have enough stamina to start playing this week.

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Week 49


Top games


1. Pokémon Scarlet (Switch) - 1560 min. (#1)
2. Kyuukyoku Tiger (PS4) - 716 min.
3. Rayman Legends Definitive Edition (Switch) - 542 min. (#5)
4. Last of Us Part II, The (PS4) - 354 min.
5. Pikmin Bloom (iOS) - 330 min. (#6)
6. Hollow Knight (Switch) - 215 min.
7. Rebel Galaxy (PC) - 196 min. (#3)
8. Jurassic World Evolution 2 (PC) - 177 min.
9. King's Field: The Ancient City (PS2) - 172 min. (#4)
10. Feeding Frenzy (Xbox 360) - 125 min.


Top systems


1. Switch - 2521 min. (#2)
2. PS4 - 1070 min. (#7)
3. PC - 668 min. (#1)
4. iOS - 432 min. (#4)
5. PS2 - 172 min. (#3)
6. Xbox One - 147 min. (#10)
7. Android - 145 min. (#5)
8. Xbox 360 - 125 min.
9. Browser based - 61 min. (#6)
9. Vita - 61 min.


Total 5447 minutes and 28 different games (of which 7 new) on 12 different systems, with 7 participants.


Pokémon Scarlet more than doubles the second placed Kyuukyoku Tiger for a clear victory. It also brings the Switch back to first place on the systems list.

Kyuukyoku Tiger (PS4) enters the 50 Hour Club with 3522 minutes played.

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Tales of the Abyss (Japan) - 539

It celebrated its 17th anniversary on the 15th and it's still the best 3D game in the series and I haven't played it in Japanese yet despite owning 2 copies of it since 2009, so it's time. The English script is stiff and awkward and half of the voice acting is garbage, but the Japanese script and voice acting is really damn good. Yes, this has significant regional differences; the game was rushed to market, so many things got cut and then added in the US version, which itself seemed to have been rushed since they clearly didn't test it, as most of the new stuff in the US version can make the game crash or have other unintended negative side effects. The highest difficulty setting also got a significant reduction in difficulty for the US as well and some of the sidequests and save points were changed for some odd reason. Despite what people will incorrectly tell you, the 3DS version is actually worse than the PS2 version, so play the PS2 version instead.


Jurassic World Evolution 2 - 37

New expansion is not very interesting. At least they finally fixed the audio glitch that they made back in September.


Get Star - 17
Kyuukyoku Tiger - 206
Tiger-Heli - 1


Sennou Game Teki-Paki - 29

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Here are my times for this past week (December 12th through 18th) on modern systems:


Spider by Blackthornprod Games - 174 min.


Spider is a game that was made by 8 developers taking turns without communicating. For that it's pretty good, I just couldn't find out what you actually have to do to win it since the main enemy kept respawning once it ran out of energy.

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Depixtion 55 

Return to Monkey Island 157 


The Last Of Us pii 304 



Super Mario Galaxy 2 98 



Let's Build a Zoo 80 

Overcooked 2 40 

Pinball FX3 91 


I'm getting ready to put in a bit more serious time next week.  I hope to finish Return to Monkey Island, TLOU ii, and Mario Galaxy 2 before the end of 2022.

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Apple iOS:

Duolingo - 11 minutes

relying on streak freezes to keep my streak going.

Pikmin Bloom - 301 minutes

Bandai WonderSwan Color:

Judgment Silversword - 15 minutes

the device I was playing it with didn’t support the tate mode d pad so I played just using the shield to avoid damage.




Blaze Evercade:

Fairy Fire - 75 minutes



There are now three native games on Evercade and more on the way!


TinyCircuits Thumby:

Brickd - 5 minutes

OutThumb - 20 minutes




PicoInvaders - 10 minutes

TinyBlocks - 10 minutes

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Week 50


Top games


1. Persona 5 Royal (Switch) - 1500 min.
2. Diablo II: Resurrected (Switch) - 720 min.
3. Tales of the Abyss (Japan) (PS2) - 539 min.
4. Last of Us Part II, The (PS4) - 304 min. (#4)
5. Pikmin Bloom (iOS) - 301 min. (#5)
6. Kyuukyoku Tiger (PS4) - 206 min. (#2)
7. Pokémon Scarlet (Switch) - 180 min. (#1)
7. Retro Bowl (Android) - 180 min.
9. Spider (Blackthornprod Games) (Browser based) - 174 min.
10. Return to Monkey Island (PC) - 157 min.


Top systems


1. Switch - 2489 min. (#1)
2. PS2 - 539 min. (#5)
3. PS4 - 528 min. (#2)
4. iOS - 312 min. (#4)
5. PC - 249 min. (#3)
6. Android - 215 min. (#7)
7. Xbox One - 211 min. (#6)
8. Browser based - 174 min. (#9)
9. Wii - 98 min.
10. Evercade Handheld/VS - 75 min.


Total 4950 minutes and 29 different games (of which 6 new) on 12 different systems, with 6 participants.


Last week's top duo are pushed down the list as Persona 5 Royal returns, together with Diablo II: Resurrected and Tales of the Abyss. On the systems side, the Switch once more dominates with just over 50% of the total number of minutes, and the two former editions of PlayStation battle for second place.


In case anyone wonders, we run regular weeks here: Dec 19 - 25, followed by Dec 26 - Jan 1. It means the new season will start on Jan 2.

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On 9/27/2022 at 6:59 PM, jgkspsx said:

V.R. Technologies VT03 Famiclone:

Star - 15 minutes

I'm going through the previously tracked VT02/VT03 games by JungleTac, Nice Code and others. I found a page on Nice Code games which has at least 3 games called Star:

  • Hack of Defender II (NES), also known as Atomic Blast
  • Hack of Snafu (Intellivision), also known as Shrew Mouse
  • Beach Ball, in which you collect water and avoid obstacles

Actually I believe most of the others you listed both previously and this week at Christmas time, categorize as VT02 which is a NES with CPU upgrade, unlike VT03, VT09 etc which have 16-bit graphics. It is kind of difficult to tell what is what, and perhaps every Famiclone 100-in-1 console released past year 2000 really should go in the modern tracker regardless which hacks of games it contains, whether those are genuine NES/Famicom games or newly developed clones.

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My modern gaming is over for the week.


Apple iOS:

Duolingo - 34 minutes 

Pikmin Bloom - 314 minutes


Atari VCS:


Atari 50 - 20 minutes of Yars Revenge Enhanced


Atari Mania - 150 minutes


Gravitar Recharged - 20 minutes

Meganoid - 15 minutes

Missile Command: Recharged (2020) - 25 minutes

Nintendo Switch:

Mythic Ocean - 240 minutes


Finished it 100% with the best (?) ending. I may wrap up some of the other endings. I don’t really want to play the bad route.


Pac-Man 99 - 10 minutes


SuperImpulse Tiny Arcade:

Tetris - 15 minutes

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After a few weeks absence I'm finally back! The stress of the holiday season was really getting to me and I was feeling pretty down and just didn't feel like playing games or doing social stuff for awhile, so I took a break from the Atari 2600 High Score Club and the weekly gaming time trackers. I did play some games on the Switch while I was away though, and thanks to the Switch's play time tracking ability I was able to go back and write down all my gaming time from the past few weeks this morning :)


Nintendo Switch
Ōkami HD - 2,805 minutes 
Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! - 1,460 minutes 



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Pinball FX3 119 

Rebel Galaxy 85 

Return to Monkey Island 184 

Tainted Grail: Conquest 128 


The Last Of Us pii 200 



Super Mario Galaxy 2 119 



Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China 44 

Overcooked 2 70 

Tunic 70



I spread things around some of the "almost" current gen platforms.  I'm hoping to knock some of these out this week.

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Week 51


Top games


1. Okami HD (Switch) - 2805 min.
2. Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! (Switch) - 1460 min.
3. Tales of the Abyss (Japan) (PS2) - 876 min. (#3)
4. Pikmin Bloom (iOS) - 314 min. (#5)
5. Mythic Ocean (Switch) - 240 min.
6. Last of Us Part II, The (PS4) - 200 min. (#4)
7. Return to Monkey Island (PC) - 184 min. (#10)
8. Atari Mania (Atari VCS) - 150 min.
9. Tainted Grail: Conquest (PC) - 128 min.
10. Pinball FX 3 (PC) - 119 min.
10. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii) - 119 min.


Top systems


1. Switch - 4515 min. (#1)
2. PS2 - 903 min. (#2)
3. PC - 570 min. (#5)
4. iOS - 348 min. (#4)
5. PS4 - 297 min. (#3)
6. Atari VCS - 230 min.
7. Xbox One - 184 min. (#7)
8. Wii - 119 min. (#9)
9. Super Impulse Tiny/Micro Arcade - 15 min.


Total 7181 minutes and 26 different games (of which 8 new) on 9 different systems, with 4 participants.


After eight weeks of absence, Skippy is back and delivers two strong numbers which both go into the top of the individual list: Ōkami HD and Let's Go, Eevee! Those two also help the Switch maintain the position as the most played system.


Pikmin Bloom (iOS) enters the 150 hour club with 9045 minutes so far, which makes it the second most played iOS game after Microsoft Solitaire Collection.


I understand that holidays and possibly weather conditions may have delayed a few from posting, but as usual you're welcome to catch up with times for next week, which is the last of the season, running up to and including January 1, 2023.

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I played a game. I played it for a long time, and I have played it for a long time. I will continue to do so forever.


Tales of the Abyss (Japan) - 3601

Still a beautiful game, 17 years after its release. Play it. Now that I have finished the Japanese PS2 version I can say that that is the best version of the game, so play that one if you can.


I bought a brand-new sealed Japanese 3DS copy, which should be here today or tomorrow, so while I want to continue my second playthrough since I'm already about to fight the hardest non-optional boss in the game, I do miss the extra stuff from the US PS2 version and the Japanese PS2 version does feel a bit incomplete, so I may abandon this playthrough and switch to Japanese 3DS instead to get both the Japanese script and the extra stuff from the US PS2 version. I don't really like the 3DS version, but I will put up with it to get all of the cool extra stuff in Japanese. I REALLY want a good PC port of this game with all of the fun glitches intact, but I know that will probably never happen. Of course, it's Scamco, so it would probably be region locked on Steam and I wouldn't be able to buy it anyway.

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