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What have you actually PLAYED tracker for 2022 (Season 15)


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tl;dr: Play video games (from systems released between 1950 and 1999) and post your times!

For the 15th consecutive season, we weekly log which video games we've played and for how long. I am compiling the weekly, yearly and sometimes inbetween stats. As always, everyone are welcome to contribute - both old-timers, previous participants returning to the tracker and newcomers. Post just one week if you want, post every week if you like.

So what is this?

The basic idea is to post what games you played during each week, and for how long. You don't have to time it down to the exact minute (though most of us do), any reasonable estimates are acceptable. Then, at the end of the week, the statskeeper (that's me) totals everything up and we find out which games and platforms are seeing the most action.

Each week, we have top 10 lists for consoles/computers and for individual games. We also have a separate top 10 list for games released on platforms that predate the US release of the NES (i.e. roughly the tail end of 1985). That way, arcade-style vintage gaming doesn't get totally lost in the shuffle of RPGs, collectathons, and other games that take 10+ hours to complete.

However, our all-time #1 game and system are Kaboom and the Atari 2600 -- by a huge margin on both counts -- so the old consoles and computers are more than holding their own!


1. Be sure to list the system, the name of the game, and the length of time you play. Please note if the game has any alternate titles by which it's better known (i.e. Air Sea Battle vs. Target Fun). If you list multiple games, please group them by platform. If you play on a backwards-compatible system, e.g. Atari 2600 games on the 7800 or SMS games on the Genesis, the game should be listed under the older platform's name.


Note that we track video games here. While you are welcome to post your times on e.g. pinball games, board games, card games etc, those will not be counted. Of course if you play a video game simulating a pinball game or a board game, it counts. One of the few exceptions to this rule is the arcade game Baby Pac-Man (and a few more from the same publisher) which consists of a video game part and a pinball game part.


2. Each week runs Monday through Sunday (at midnight), though exceptions may occur around New Year. Try to post your times no later than night to Tuesday in your local timezone. I will generally wait until Tuesday evening Central European Time before compiling the stats. If you post after stats have been posted, your times will be counted for the next week. Feel free to indicate in your post which dates your times relate to.


3. Playing on actual vintage hardware is preferred, although emulators are certainly allowed. In some cases (homebrews in development, rare arcade games) the may be no alternative to using an emulator.

4. Our cutoff year is 2000. That is, eligible consoles and computers have to have been released (in the US) before 2000. This includes Dreamcast and Nintendo 64, but excludes the most recent systems like PlayStation 2, XBox, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, et al. The same goes for computers: we count Windows 95/98 games, but not XP; Mac OS 9, but not OS X; and so on.


However there is hope for those of you who are stuck in the 21th century gaming! For the 5th season in a row, we will have a Modern gameplay tracker that covers everything the Classic gameplay tracker doesn't, i.e. anything from 2000 or newer goes into the other tracker. The format is identical, the stats are quite similar except for of course there is no point narrowing out pre-NES systems released 25 years after the NES itself was released. :)

5. Arcade games up to A.D. 2000 are permitted. So are emulated compilations of arcade games for modern systems, as long as they're not rewritten or otherwise massively "updated" versions. If you play 45 minutes of Robotron via Midway Arcade Treasures for the XBox, those 45 minutes are counted towards the arcade game. When you're playing arcade compilations, be sure to list each game separately (don't just put "Midway Arcade Treasures - 45 min.")

6. You don't just have to post a bare list of times -- comments, stories, images, gripes, and helpful hints are always encouraged! If you're struggling with a level, got a new high score, or have some thoughts about what's great or what stinks about a particular game...well, that's the kind of stuff that makes this fun to read.

How to make the statskeeper's life easier:

- If you post a big list of games, please consider alphabetizing them first (after grouping them by platform, which also is helpful to alphabetize).

- Posting your times in minutes, rather than hours + minutes, makes things a little simpler.

- Even if you don't know the exact time, it's better to post a specific number and say it's an estimate. If you say you posted a bunch of games for "between 20 minutes and an hour", I'll just average everything out to 40 minutes, but it's much better to have a sense of which games you played more and which ones you played less.


- If you only post game titles without any indication of how long you played each game, I will assume 5 minutes regardless of how long you may actually have played them. Surely you can play a game for far less - down to a single minute - and specifically mention that, and I'll use that number instead.

- If there's room for confusion or ambiguity, please address that in advance so I don't have to research it myself. Non-US releases, homebrews in progress, alternate titles, and expanded re-releases can get especially tricky.

That about covers it. If you want a taste of our numbers, you can check some of the latest stats at the end of 2021.


One more thought:

If you haven't participated before, or if you did and got busy with other things, consider taking part in 2022! You may find that it has some interesting side effects -- I've found that keeping a log dramatically changes how I think about my own gaming, and mostly for the better.

P.S. Past years of the tracker: 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021


The first week of the season covers January 3 - January 9. Then we go week by week until the last week, which according to the calendar will run until January 1, 2023 but more about that later.

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Yay, first thing of the new year~ I don't have much to say for these other than that I got my MiSTer working somehow.


Magic Knight Rayearth - 122
Radiant Silvergun - 41
Soukyuugurentai - 100


1941 Counter Attack (Japan) - 92

Basically the only thing to note is that previously I was playing the international version of the game, which has a really messed up stage order, because I didn't know that I had to go out of my way to find the good (Japanese) version in the MiSTer's menu. Japanese version has the proper stage order, so play that one instead.
DoDonPachi - 11

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So I figured I would start the new year off with a bang by trying to play every system I own or have an emulator for.




Gyruss - 25 minutes. (Mostly with a trackball, which was rough, but better than the joystick mapping.)




Mappy - 15 minutes.




Juno First - 20 minutes. The trackball wasn’t quite calibrated right or I would have done better. (I played a few more games after this but didn’t beat this score.)




Channel F:


Schach - 35 minutes. (Probably longer.) One interminable game where the computer would not take the victory that I so pathetically handed it.





Blockbuster - 15 minutes and my highest score ever!






Watch this space. Probably will play Thunder Castle.


EDIT: I played Buzz Bombers instead. 35 minutes of the hummingbird being a jerk. Which is really the only true to life thing about the game…




Epoch tabletop:


Dracula - 30 minutes. Rolled the score on one attempt.






Spike Gets Squished - 35 minutes. Trying to win a ball top for the Vectrex controller from @playvectrex.




Atari 2600:


Klax - 35 minutes. Middling score in HSC.




Xenophobe - 30 minutes. Truly pathetic score in HSC.






Food Fight - 25 minutes on both VCS and real hardware.




Fatal Run - 35 minutes. You know, I might like the 2600 version more…






Ynxa - 65 minutes. Got further.


Battlezone 2000 - 10 minutes on Lynx I just to try it. Will do more tonight.




Rocketeer Redux on ReBOOTed - 35 minutes for HSC.





Chack’n Pop - 20 minutes. I should probably get another SG-1000 game than this, but if I had to choose just one it would be this. Or Zaxxon. Or H.E.R.O. Hmm.


Mark III:


Aleste - 20 minutes. Over many, many games, and only a miniscule high score to show for it.



Master System:


Transbot, one of the most frustratingly random shmups of all time: 25 minutes




EDIT: GLOBAL Defense (not Missile Defense 3D), a truly odd game: 15 minutes. This review sums up how I feel pretty well but I didn’t get to try it two player.


Phantasy Star: 20 minutes. Loaded an old saved game, flew to another planet, beat up stuff, saved.




Darius (Genesis Mini version) - 25 minutes. One runthrough as Proco and several as Tiat, whose scores apparently don’t count. I got up to almost 800k. Sigh.



I am certain I played something else but I can’t remember what.


Game Gear:


Sports Illustrated Championship Baseball and Football - 35 minutes. Played a whole agonizing baseball game and as much of a football game as I could stand.




I found more to like than I had noticed before, but this is still the sub-basement of the shining aedifice of Game Gear sports.




(Is that OJ Simpson???)

Sega CD:


Time Gal - 25 minutes. Finally got on the scoreboard.






T-MEK - 20 minutes. I really need to make a serious run at this some time, but this was not the time.




Tiger Sega Pocket Arcade:


Sonic Blast (not to be confused with Sonic 3D Blast, a totally separate game) - 60 minutes. One of the best Tiger-Sega handhelds, this is only hurt by the horrible controls these things had. Otherwise it’s a creative LCD Breakout derivative that works. Of course that means it’s one of the rarest ones in the series. Sigh.






Panzer Dragoon - 25 minutes. Beat the game on normal.




NiGHTS - 15 minutes. Two games, total failure. I really don’t know what I am doing wrong.






Indy 500 - 20 minutes. Races are sooooo long. I got to first place before messing up and getting bounced to 7.




Henry - 15 minutes. Creamed the computer twice. It’s fun but best played two player.






Blazing Lazers - 25 minutes. Got pretty far for a single cold-start game.




PC Engine Super CD:


L-Dis - 20 minutes. Died on first boss repeatedly. Underrated game.






Aldynes - 25 minutes. It plays well but it doesn’t look like anything special, especially compared to say Sapphire.




Game and Watch:


Ball - 28 minutes. One abortive trial run and then a decent run.



EDIT: and then a round of Game B. Oh yeah, still got it.




Say, do digital simulations of Game and Watch games as on the DS or MAME count? Or only the real physical thing? The Game Boy conversions are pretty fast and loose, but I understand that the DS and DSiWare ports are pretty faithful.




Xexyz - 75 minutes. One of my favorite NES genre-benders, and most of my favorite NES games are genre-benders.




Game Boy:


Rolan’s Curse 2 - 75 minutes. Went waaaaaay forward in the game not replacing any party members. I wish the Analogue Pocket allowed you to have more than one save state.




Fish Dude: 30 minutes. It’s unfair but it is pretty hilarious. This gets some hate but if you like arcade style games you should at least try it.






Super Aleste (aka Space Megaforce in the US but I’m not that lucky or rich) - 15 minutes. The “Short Game” is perfect for my needs this evening.




Game Boy Color:


Perfect Dark: 35 minutes. I didn’t even finish the tutorial. The third level of the tutorial is horribly slow and frustrating, and if you mess up you have to do it all over again. Ugh. Some good ideas here but awful execution. The out of tune Simon game alone makes me never want to play this again.





G-Darius - 30 minutes. “Beginner Mode” isn’t kidding, I got to the end of a route without continuing. Highly recommended for Darius with training wheels. But beginner mode doesn’t let you record a high score, lol cry.



EDIT: okay @carlsson I am done :) 

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Here are my times for this past week (January 3rd to 9th, 2022) on classic systems:


1942 - 7 minutes
Anteater - 2 minutes
Bagman - 4 minutes
Burnin' Rubber - 2 minutes
Burger Time - 7 minutes
Bubble Bobble - 4 minutes
Crazy Climber - 2 minutes
Commando - 2 minutes
Congo Bongo - 3 minutes
Cosmic Guerilla - 3 minutes
Donkey Kong 3 - 8 minutes
Millipede - 16 minutes
Tetris (Atari Games) - 25 minutes in 2 sessions
Wonder Boy in Monster Land - 12 minutes


Atari 2600:
Millipede - 50 minutes


Commodore 64:
Anarchy (Hewson) - 56 minutes in 2 sessions
Spy Hunter - 10 minutes in 2 sessions


Since this week I had only one work day, I started a new little project where I try to find out which of the MAME ROM's are still working.
The background behind this is that in summer, I switched to a new PC and for it, downloaded the current version of MAME which I then supplied with all the ROM's I had among all the older versions of MAME and MESS on my old PC.
But some romsets have been upgraded since those versions, so I'm now trying to put together a list of which ROM's I have still work and which don't. So far about 70% of them are working, which is more than I expected.
That is the reason why I played so many different games for just a few minutes each (mostly one play until Game over), although of course I can play some games better than others.
That's why you see a much longer playing time on "Burger Time", "Donkey Kong 3" and "Tetris".
Millipede, though, wasn't part of this series, but rather a comparison to the Atari 2600 version, and while that one still seems pretty smooth, the arcade version feels much smoother and more accurate, with the mushrooms appearing more consistently in the places where'd you expect them than on the 2600. It's still a bit harder though.


On the Commodore 64, I played Anarchy by Hewson after I saw a Youtube video on it, but I only played it until I reached Level 5, in which you get followed by an enemy you can't destroy, which makes it pretty hard to survive.
Of Spy Hunter, I actually tried to draw up kind of a road map where each number is a closed section until the next intersection is reached.
There are a number of different stretches of road depending on which branch you take. But once you get into the water, it all unifies there, so it doesn't matter which way you got there and how long you stay in there.
After the water, there is one more branch, but the different road paths after it are rather short, and they both reach to the end of the level, after which the background scenery changes and the map restarts.

The arcade original is different to that in that the areas are shorter and contain one branch each only, except for Area 7 which has an additional opportunity to go into the water.
The scenery there changes with each area, so more often. I drew up a map of this as well, but here each number is an area that lasts until the scenery changes.
In both cases, the roads visible on the maps are actually the paths between the actual road stretches, and their lengths and curvature have nothing to do with what actually appears in the game, only their structure is valid.
Otherwise there would have to be quite a few cases where you see a road merging into yours, but you never see that. You also don't see any overpasses or tunnels which, however, would have to be there the way the levels are built.
But this is a flaw with several games of that type, including Out Run, but not including TX-1 where you actually see the road merging before it splits up again, but the merging second road always comes in from the left. Also, in the ZX-Spectrum version of Spy Hunter, if you're in the water, you can see some waterways merging with yours.


Here is the roadmap for C-64 Spy Hunter:


And here is the one for the arcade version:


I actually used Magellan, a tilemap editor for developing TI-99 games, to make these maps.

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Atari 2600

Dark Cavern 13

Eggomania 35

Kaboom 67

Klax 35

Solar Fox 266


NES for some Facebook retro competition. 
I played 186 mins. Of Tetris. 
my wife is also competing in Tetris and played 85 minutes. So far, first place with 481,000. Wife is in second. Tetris is my favorite nes game. 



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Dragon Warrior for NES - 66 minutes

Mario Paint for SNES - 12 minutes

Super Mario Bros. for SNES (via Super Mario All-Stars) - 64 minutes

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels for SNES (via Super Mario All-Stars) - 90 minutes

Super Mario Bros. 2 for SNES (via Super Mario All-Stars) - 72 minutes

Super Mario Bros. 3 for SNES (via Super Mario All-Stars) - 153 minutes

Super Off-Road for SNES - 68 minutes

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for SNES - 419 minutes



Dragon Warrior - beat the Dragonlord with my character at only level 20 this time. I was only doing 5-15 damage per turn but was still able to wear him down and kept using Healmore to survive.

Mario Paint - just played the flyswatter mini game

Super Mario All-Stars - cleared all levels of all four games

Super Off-Road - played until I felt like playing something else and created a save state to pick up from later

Zelda ALttP - played through the whole game.


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You ever just totally forget that yesterday was Monday? Yeah... me either :lol:



Ineligible (All Nintendo Switch)
Alien: Isolation - 835 minutes
Pokémon: Let's Go Eevee! - 90 minutes


Ms. Pac-Man - 18 minutes


Atari 2600
Missile Command - 117 minutes
Star Raiders - 63 minutes

Game Boy
Samurai Shodown - 20 minutes


Total Video Game Play Time This Week
1,143 minutes (19 hours 3 minutes) [218 minutes eligible]


Individual System Play Times This Week
Nintendo Switch: 925 minutes
Atari 2600: 180 minutes
Game Boy: 20 minutes
Arcade: 18 minutes

Edited by Skippy B. Coyote
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Here's the summary for Week 01, running from Jan 3 - 9. We logged 5913 minutes of eligible play, playing 90 games on a total of 34 (!!) systems.


Top 10:


1. Final Fantasy II (IV) (SNES) - 600 min. (#4)
2. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) - 419 min.
3. Super Mario All-Stars (SNES) - 379 min.
4. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 333 min.
5. Tetris (NES/Famicom) - 271 min.
6. Xenophobe (Atari 2600) - 261 min.
7. Food Fight (Atari 7800) - 235 min.
8. Dragon Slayer (CoCo 1 & 2) - 230 min. (#3)
9. Devil's Crush (TG-16/PC Engine) - 210 min. (#6)
10. Punkic Cyborgs (Air Zonk) (TG-16/PC Engine) - 210 min.



Pre-NES top 10:


1. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 333 min. (PN#4)
2. Xenophobe (Atari 2600) - 261 min.
3. Food Fight (Atari 7800) - 235 min.
4. Dragon Slayer (CoCo 1 & 2) - 230 min. (PN#2)
5. Klax (Atari 2600) - 157 min.
6. Missile Command (Atari 2600) - 157 min.
7. Night Knight (MSX) - 80 min.
8. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 75 min. (PN#3)
9. Oil's Well (MSX) - 75 min.
10. Star Raiders (Atari 2600) - 63 min.


Top 10 systems:


1. SNES (1493) (#2)
2. Atari 2600 (1196) (#1)
3. TG-16/PC Engine (445) (#6)
4. NES/Famicom (412) (#3)
5. Atari 7800 (310)
6. CoCo 1 & 2 (290) (#5)
7. Arcade (278) (#10)
8. Sega Saturn (263) (#8)
9. MSX (155)
10. C64 (126)
11. Game Boy (125) (#7)
12. Sega Master System (80) (#4)
13. Atari Lynx (75)
14. Tiger/Sega Pocket Arcade (60)
15. Atari 8-bit (52)
16. Tiger R-Zone (40)
17. Atari Jaguar (35)
17. Fairchild Channel F (35)
17. Game Boy Color (35)
17. Game Gear (35)
17. Game.com (35)
17. Intellivision (35)
17. Vectrex (35)
24. CoCo 3 (30)
24. Handheld/Tabletop (30)
24. PlayStation (30)
27. Game & Watch (28)
28. Genesis (25) (#9)
28. Sega CD (25)
28. SuperGrafx (25)
31. SG-1000 (20)
31. Sega 32X (20)
31. TG-CD/PC Engine CD (20)
34. Microvision (15)


The SNES scores a triple, headed by Final Fantasy II (IV) with the top pre-NES game Solar Fox in fourth place overall. At the top it is the SNES and Atari 2600 battling it out. The diversity is enormous with 34 different systems this week, which by all records is a new all time high (previously tied 30 systems). Obviously I won't post the entire systems list every week but I made an exception here.


Super Mario All-Stars (SNES) becomes member #476 in the 1000 Minute Club with a total of 1278 min. While it has several different game settings, we count them combined just like many (but not all) other games are counted.

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On 1/11/2022 at 2:53 PM, carlsson said:

Super Mario All-Stars (SNES) becomes member #476 in the 1000 Minute Club with a total of 1278 min. While it has several different game settings, we count them combined just like many (but not all) other games are counted.

Is there a reason why the games on Sonic Jam for Saturn are counted separately when Super Mario All-Stars is counted together? I noticed people playing Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Saturn) last year. Sonic Jam does have that exclusive easy mode that removes certain obstacles and enemies and Spindash option/spike bug fix option for Sonic 1, time attack mode, and that Sonic World area with the timed challenges.

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Good question. I think the main reason is if anyone reported a single game mode only, without specifying in which context it was played. While I do look up some entries sometimes - in particular comparing game titles of Japanese vs Western editions - routinely I don't check every new game added. Supposedly Super Mario All-Stars was tracked as a single entry before anyone split up the times.


Some other examples:

Salamander Deluxe Pack on the Saturn was split into two entries: Salamander and Life Force.


Activision Atari 2600 Action Pack 1 on MacOS was split into Pitfall! and SeaQuest, just like Action Pack 2 was split into Enduro and Oink!


Game Pak 4 in 1 on Game Gear was previously specifically tracked as Pan-American Road Rally, so I added the other three (Championship Tennis, Columns Flash and Penalty Shootout) as individual entries, all with 0 minutes so far in case anyone wants to break in some Game Gear titles.


On the other end, we have titles like Pinball Dreams which consists of four different pinball tables, but counted as a single game. There surely are a lot of similar examples (not considering Epyx' games series as those are multi-event sports games in a single package).


Certainly I could've split your times on Super Mario All-Stars into separate entries, meaning there would be at least 5 entries for a single cartridge: one for those who are lazy enough to combine times on all games, and four for those who are detailed with the minutes. ?

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ATARI 2600:

Combat - 5 minutes

Frostbite - 26 minutes

Jr. Pac-Man - 93 minutes

Missile Command (for HSC) - 70 minutes

Wizard of Wor (for HSC) - 5 minutes


ATARI 7800:

Pac-Man Collection - 50 minutes



Super Mario Land - 33 minutes



1) My 2600 Jr. Pac-Man gameplay footage - 3 Ghosts / Drum Start (Score: 56,930)


2) My 2600 Frostbite gameplay footage - Game 3 (Score: 289,620)


Edited by oyamafamily
Added Combat and Wizard of Wor
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Atari 8-bit:
Great American Cross-Country Road Race - 204 min.


Last week of the 2021 season of the A8 HSC. The US Tour option, to visit every city is a true endurance test. After completing it once, I didn't want to try again but shortly after I made a second attempt and improved my time by a little.


Now let's wait for the 2022 season, as well as playing games on other systems of course.

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Here are my times for this week (January 10th through 16th, 2022) on classic systems...


Dynamite Dux - 98 min. in 2 sessions


Commodore 64:
Fast Track - 71 min.


Grand Prix Circuit Unlimited - 13 min.


This week I played some new games. On GPC Unlimited and Fast Track, I only messed around with the respective track editor trying to make a representation of that ABBA mix I talked about last week (hopefully), but I didn't get very far because work in GPC Unlimited is rather tedious, and Fast Track doesn't have enough space to get in all of the roadwork belonging to that ABBA road map.

Then I played Dynamite Dux after seeing it on a Youtube video about Sega ports to the Amiga. The game reminds me a bit of Moonwalker, which is also a beat-em-up.

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10 hours ago, jgkspsx said:

One of these weeks I am only going to play games that start with the letter X. There are many great ones for some reason!

Xexex should be one of them. It's now on Arcade Archives for both PS4 and Switch, so definitely don't miss it because it's amazing.

Edited by Steven Pendleton
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Sega Dreamcast:

NFL2k1 - 60min

Phantasy Star Online - 780min - beat Dark Falz Normal mode solo after level grinding.




Atari Lynx:

Wyvern Tales - 65min - level grinding

Unnamed - 30min

Qix - 30min

Super Asteroids - 30min

Critter Championship - 90min

Zaku - 220min - played for high score then decided to finally beat all levels.









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