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A new 27 inch monitor that is available and works 100%!

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I haven't tried my [two] Dell 27" with my STE yet (although I'm using one of them right now on my home PC as I type this, and it's got a great picture).


I'm waiting on a switchable monochrome/color VGA adapter I ordered from an ebay seller in the UK: https://www.ebay.com/itm/266052626971


I do have a monochrome VGA adapter I got several years ago, but didn't manage to find the time to dig out the STE this past weekend.  I also have a friend's older 1040 STf in the garage I'll test with.  I'll report back with screenshots once I test everything out.

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Just caught up on the thread.

Vertical lines with Atari video, yes. Think what I'm seeing (eyes are older than Darklord's) is they "seem" worse at lower resolutions, but think it's the changing of dot pitch, kind of like blowing up an image to the point where quality degrades is what it resembles.

Text was fuzzier in mono, I thought, at least TOS fonts. I wouldn't want to write a book though in any ST interlaced mode :)

Maybe playing with NVDI and installed system fonts could make it more gooder.

What I found odd was most everyone is saying the vertical "lines" are most noticable on dark/black background. To me they really stood out on the   "normal"  Atari green, and were virtually unseen when loading Ease desktop, with black background and desk pic. Didn't see that anyone else tested a different desktop. Ease is heavy, but the icons, boxes and such are too notch.

Might also be something true about buffering the video output, or playing with resistor values. Forget what I'd done, but the display revealed some ghosting on a white background, making me think it's not an RGB color space thing, seems a signal issue. Had to look close, but it caught my eye.

And I'd have to go back and look, but don't recall seeing the vertical jail bars during boot, before GEM loads.

The member that had the monitor hooked up to test equipment maybe could chime back in with any new test data.

I don't have any games on the HDD (rocks flying), did run several demos, they all displayed nicely in RGB mode.

Honestly, demos, and a few games are mainly why I jumped on this for RGB use.

The vertical lines are present in VGA mode too, again Ease cleaned things up.

This was checked under standard Falcon modes, unless a demo used a custom setting (the aforementioned test equipment could verified).

It's also Afterburner equipped, runs the bus as 23MHz, 040 CPU and fast RAM at 46MHz. TOS ROM is edited to keep the Blitter at 1/2 CPU clock (11.5MHz).

With the Afterburner, have a NOVA adapter and ATI MACH 64 with 4mb VRAM ISA card.

First thing I'd noticed was most the resolution configurations for the previous monitor didn't work. Think it was an early 17" NEC Multisync LCD (like a bunch of others, took 6 or 7 monitors back to the thrift store after buying these :) )

Looking the data sheet for the SE2722H it has a pretty wide band with, but using the video mode generator to enter preset display modes really didn't work for other than 640*480/800*600 24bit. So I'm not sure if it's just fussy, or the video mode generator is showing it's age (mid 90's soft). Unfortunately, NVDI can only configure ET4000 cards. So not sure what the magic is there. Just have to spend the time hitting each resolution's sweet spot.

On the ATI, std VGA at 24bit is rock solid. Looks better than the (bought 2) display output on the ASUS quad-core income tax machine :)

I'm really impressed with it, know it didn't sound like it, but at $118, I'm going to buy 2 more, one for the toy hauler, and one for the wife's laptop when "docked".

Still think there's a lot left on the table experimenting with the video signal signal.

But it will never be a 1224 :)







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Hmm, I never tried this monitor with a Falcon. I'm using it with my Mega STe

and an Exxos version of the UBE VGA adapter. I've been pleased with the results

so far, especially the size.


48 minutes ago, rustynutt said:

But it will never be a 1224


It's very doubtful that anything else ever will be...  :)


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6 hours ago, DarkLord said:

Hmm, I never tried this monitor with a Falcon. I'm using it with my Mega STe

and an Exxos version of the UBE VGA adapter. I've been pleased with the results

so far, especially the size.



It's very doubtful that anything else ever will be...  :)


Oh, they are definitely to be bought in 6 packs :)


I'd sold all my ST/e/TT before and just after moving to Oregon. Only Falcons left. These are the cats meow for the ST resolutions.


Not sure if you remember, I'd posted a hack to get the generic Chinese RGB 2 HDMI to work on the Jag. 

On top of that,the Falcon also had a quirk where when connected, the box shorted the Falcon video. Forget the pin now, I'd have to look back. But think the ST and Falcon probably have the same pin outs in respect to RGB mode, and whatever that was (pretty sure it was DC) if bleeding across the cable, could be causing it.

Or I could be full of it 😆




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I just got the Dell I ordered from a seller on ebay today.


One word ...wow, my STE never looked so good at 27"!


Anyone looking for an LCD monitor that supports 15.7kHz, this is the one to get.

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