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A new 27 inch monitor that is available and works 100%!

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18 hours ago, leech said:

Ha, so I have this giant (77" is considered giant, isn't it?) TV that supports FreeSync and G-Sync.  I should test out the ST on it, but then again I have to use some sort of adapter anyhow, as analog was not included with this model at all!  Apparently LG's last model from 2020 did have a little 3.5mm jack where you could get an adapter for it.  My C1 apparently only has a 'debug' port that is 3.5mm... so is a full HDMI TV.  Kind of makes me sad...


On the flip side, it does work with the Vampire 4 Stand Alone... so I can run EmuTOS on it :)

Not having analog inputs, so Scart (includes composite, RGB), VGA (RGB), component input is saving not only on connectors, but then do not need analog-digital conversion circuits too. 

I guess that there is still good choice with those having at least VGA, and some of it have FreeSync, MultiSync ...

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 It occurred to me last night that we may be able to say Variable Refresh Rate (VRR, of which FreeSync and G-Sync are two competing standards) is the same as MultiSync was back in the day.  I have some other monitors that support it, but I don't think they have VGA support, only HDMI and Display Port.  

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12 hours ago, vkcpolice said:

Yes, that is the one.  I bought one a while ago and it works as noted above.  I see they have it on special ATM.



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40 minutes ago, leech said:

   Oooh, shiny!  I still have mine in the box... wonder how many monitors Dell have sold now due  to this thread? 


Probably quite a few :)


Sad part is they will probably never understand why there was an influx of sales and they'll just continue to make future non-15kHz compatible displays...

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3 hours ago, Atarieterno said:

The new monitor is already home, but I've only had time to put it in place. Tomorrow I will do several tests with it.



DELL nuevo.jpg


Love the Yamahas!  I used to lust after those when I'd see them in Keyboard Magazine back in the day :)

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7 hours ago, Stguild said:

I just ordered 2 ST2VGA adapters and picked up 2 of those monitors from Microcenter for both the BBS system. Looking forward to this! 

Ah, so they have them back in stock.  (The Mayfield Heights store had some, but I was out of town and when I got back, all out.....)


I ended up getting some of the SE2722HX ones and they seem to be the same from what I can tell.  I do prefer using it to the old CRT for my BBS too.


We still  have to manage to get together someday... We're the only two ST BBS SysOps in NE Ohio after all!

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On 2/18/2022 at 10:09 AM, DarkLord said:

How does it look in ST-low, ST-med, and ST-high?




I need to experiment more. High is hard to read standing away from it, but sharp.  I do think there might be some lag when I upscale games ( not all upscale )but it's acceptible. Running straight composite is OK... on some games the bottom of the sceen is cut off just a little.

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