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Memory card unreadable

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I've ordered my Jaguar GameDrive back in May 2021 but I've only recently got my new Jaguar console to test it. I've just tried my Jaguar GD yesterday and to my surprise, it doesn't work! I've tried three different memory cards and the cart can't read them ("Memory card unreadable"). I've formatted all three (FAT32) before trying them.


I've look for an answer but what I've found suggests to clean the slot (did it) or just return the cartridge.


Any suggestions? Do you guys know what is the warranty for the cartridge?


Thanks a lot; any help is appreciated!



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This has been one of the most common manufacturing issues and will require a replacement. If you’re in the UK I can do this for you, otherwise you will need to contact the retailer. Sorry for the inconvenience, the issue has since been resolved, but has been a problem with a small number of carts.

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1 hour ago, Albert said:

Hi André,


I just replied to the email you sent yesterday about this, with instructions on how to send it back so I can send you a replacement.



If you got it from Atari Age, definitely work with Albert above. I had the same issue with mine in April 2021 after getting mine and he was extremely responsive and personable and got me helped out right away and confirmed when he got mine in the mail that there was an issue. I think I was one of the first ones with that issue at the time. Ever since I got a replacement from Albert it's been good to go and working like a champ!

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