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GeneveOS+GDM2K Copy Error.


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Was the earlier discrepancy with DM and CLI using MDOS 7.30 or 6.50?  I'm a bit confused on what versions you were testing, and whether 7.30 is different from what you tested.


Drawing problem was resolved in 2.6t. Had to do with how DM initialized the screen and dealt with the extended character set.  :)


Boot EPROM 1.0 allows for SCSI1 (unit 0) if I recall correctly, and the requisite SCSI/SYS and SYSTEM/SYS files (slash, not dash).  Or update to EPROM 2.0 -- Hopefully I got that right  @9640News

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Problematic CLI size reporting is with 7.3.

With the PFM Geneve out of the equation (it has 7.3 and new to me 8.02 boot code) - I'm back to booting the old MDOS 6.5 on my SCSI Drive until I can figure out how to put new code on SCS6 - because that's the option I have when I hold down the space bar to get to the menu in Boot EPROM Version 1.0.



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