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The Man With the Golden Gun

dr. kwack

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Here is the start of a quick little hack of Flag Capture. The idea here is that you are 007 (in green at the moment) trapped in Francisco Scaramanga's (red at the moment) funhouse. You must navigate through and find the Solex Agitator (instead of a flag) or uncover the Golden Gun (the equivalent of a bomb) and start over. Along the way Nick Nack may give clues inh the form of numbers or directions.


OK, fine. So my question here is - I know I can change the single color of Bond & Scaramanga, but is it possible to make them two colors? Bond would be a flesh head with a black suit, Scaramanga flesh head and white. Also- could the guns be black for Bond and Yellow for Scaramanga? This goes beyond my knowledge as usual...


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