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Disk Backup v2.1 by Wolfgang Bertsch and disk images (with a side of SMTP operations)


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4 minutes ago, mizapf said:

The 0170 in the first line means "368 (=0x170) sectors in this file". Hence, the file is 2 KiB too long, padded with 00.

So is that being done by the HDX transfer?  I had determined that I am going to have to pull the SD card from my SCSI2SD, so I should have an image to review sometime this weekend.

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2 minutes ago, mizapf said:

I loaded the SSSD disk into DSK2 (named "DISK01_1") and put the "meinedisk.dsk" into DSK1. Then I ran DSKBACKUP and selected "backup" from DSK2 to DSK1. (All done in MAME, of course.)

I expect that would work fine.  It is the creation of a disk image which is giving errant results.  e.g. source DSK1 to SCS2.DSKIMAGE.TILES99


The TILES99 file created is 2k too long, padded with >00.  I can restore from the image to a formatted disk without issue.

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And when you copy that image file to a floppy disk? I noticed that the 368 sectors on the IDE drive turned to 361 on the floppy drive after I copied it with DM2K. The reason for that is supposedly the AU size of the IDE drive (you can only allocate multiples of 8 sectors).


Edit: I have some problems copying a disk to the SCSI drive; after the first 24 sectors are copied (seems to be one pass), I always get a "image error 6". As you obviously succeeded here, I'll have to do some bug hunting.

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5 hours ago, mizapf said:

I have some problems copying a disk to the SCSI drive; after the first 24 sectors are copied (seems to be one pass), I always get a "image error 6". As you obviously succeeded here, I'll have to do some bug hunting.

I have been running into this occasionally, as well.  But I ruled that to being a problem with my SD card as it tends to happen irrespective of what program I am using.


I should be able to give more details on the process tomorrow as I can make it into the office.

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Hmm, right now I can only check this in MAME with an IDE drive; SCSI reproducibly gives me Image error 6. I just tried it again - when I dump DSK2 on IDE1, I get a 368 sector file, and when I copy it with DM2K to DSK1, the resulting file has 361 sectors. ?


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This is what Wolfgang answered. See my translation below:


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


DiskBackup erstellt am TI eine exakte Kopie des Inhalts einer Diskette
im DF128 Format.  Damit entsteht bei einer SSSD Diskette eine 90kB große
Datei mit 360 belegten Sektoren. Da diese Datei ja am TI  auch eine FDR
hat und dieser mitgezählt wird, zeigt sie ein Diskmanager mit 361
belegten Sektoren an. Wird eine solche Datei auf den PC übertragen, weiß
das übertragende Programm nichts davon, daß es sich um ein Disk Image
handelt und setzt einen TIFILES Header mit TI Namen und Format davor. Am
PC sind die Datenblöcke einer Datei 1kB groß. Damit entsteht dort ein
91kB große Datei. Man sollte also bei der Übertragung auf den PC darauf
achten, daß nur die reine Daten ohne Header übertragen werden. Der MFM
hat im Setup eine Option dafür. Bei anderen Programmen weiß ich leider
nicht, ob und wie das geht. Bei der Rückübertragung auf den TI kommt ein
Image, egal, ob mit oder ohne TIFILES Header mit 361 Sektoren an und
sollte dann vom DiskBackup auch wieder sauber auf eine Disk geschrieben


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


DiskBackup 2.1 creates an exact copy (image) of a floppy disks´ content in DF128 format on the TI-99.
For instance, with a SSDD floppy disk,  a file of 90KB with 360 filled sectors is created.
Because this file also uses a counted (extra) FDR,  DiskManagers will show 361 used sectors.


If you transfer this image-file to the PC now, the transferring tools does not know about
this circumstance (that it is an image-file) and adds the TIFILES header with TI Name and Format.
Data blocks on PC are of 1 KB size, so on the PC you will have a file with 911 KB as result.
Due to this, you should pay attention *not* to transfer the header, just data only.

The MFM (Magic File Manipulator) has this as an option. For other tools, I do not know about.

If you transfer such an image file - with or without header - back to the TI-99, it has 361 sectors  there
and the DiskBackup 2.1-Tool will safely write it back to a floppy disk.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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@mizapf I agree with the statement: "We could need a proper name for that. "


As you know, this started out with XMODEM needing a way to place files on a BBS and then get them back properly. Then it expanded to whole diskettes pc99, v9t9, etc.


Since you have already done a great deal of leg work with chadman and TI Image Tool I hope you will consider creating a new thread of the various format that you know about, that others folks can added to and enhance when things come up.

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