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Need Label Contest


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I dont have any graphics programs on my computer. I had to use paint because thats all I can afford at the time. The only way I could get them to display properly was to make them in paint, then paste the pictures in a "Microsoft Word" document, so open the files using Microsoft word. I dont know why that happens, when I made them they looked fine, but then the graphics get all screwed up. Sorry for not specifying this earlier.


When using Paint, when you save the file make sure you change the file type to 24 bit bitmap. I had the same problem where it kept saving as a monochrome bitmap as a default. I use Paint for all my labels too.

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Oh, at leaste I'm not the only one who uses paint. So how did they come out? Were they good?


Both labels turned out really nice. I like the artwork on the fiirst label.


Can someone convert the DOC files to a GIF,BMP, or JPEG? I only have a Word Viewer and it won't let me convert files. DOC files are below. Thanks..



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Edit: Ha! I didn't even notice that someone else used the exact same picture until after I was done. :D


Here's a Poseidon label for you. I used an image I found on the internet (I'm sure it's copyrighted). I already had a template done from the Backfire label contest, so it didn't take much time.


Here's a low resolution image of it:




Here's a link to the high resolution image that you can use to print it if you like it (It's 1650x2025 pixels):







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