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Lynx High Score Club 2021 Mini Season: Round 11 - Super Asteroids

Rick Dangerous

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Atari Lynx High Score Club- Mini Season: Round 11



This round we play Super Asteroids


Round Over: Monday January 31st 11:59pm EST (1/31/2022) 





Link to manual scan:


AtariAge - Atari Lynx Manuals - Super Asteroids & Missile Command (Atari)


Settings - Super Asteroids: Default


HSC Record: None!


Add your Score from Super Asteroids!  Please put your score in text in your post please, make my life a little easier.  

Super Asteroids scores:


1. jgkspsx                         45,510.  +10

2. nightmonkeyii               24,700.   +8

3. doctor_shred                24,530.   +6

4. sdrake                          23,910.  +4

5. Rick Dangerous             23,030.  +2

6. jeremiahjt                     22,680.  +1

7. AtariSphinx                    11,860.  +1

8. nightmonkeyii                10,710.  +1

9. roadrunner                      8,060.  +1

10. neogeo1982                  4,190.   +1

Current season point standings -


1. Rick Dangerous              62

2. doctor_shred                  60

3. jeremiahjt                      49

4. nightmonkeyii                 43

5. neogeo1982                   25

6. sdrake                           24

7. jgkspsx                          22

8. Mr.JT                             15

9. AtariSphinx                    15

10. roadrunner                   11

11. tripled79                      10

12. Songbird                       9

13. jblenkle                         2

14. Peyo                             1



Any corrections please post! 

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45510! Level 12-4! :D This one game took me about 45 minutes. If not an hour.



Some things that may not immediately be obvious: 


Powerups spawn even when nothing is going on. Your health gradually recovers if you sit around. When I was in trouble, I would just leave one small asteroid there and wait for the energy refill power up. I got very lucky in this game with energy refills.


I also only got two speed powerups and shot the rest. When I finally got a third that was the beginning of the end.


The solid shield may seem unnecessary but it’s a game changer. Used right you can clear out whole levels without a scratch.


When you get a triple shot and then another, the triple shot not only lasts longer but the RATE of fire doubles. You can incinerate the whole room in seconds.


The way I lost all of my lives was going too hard on the trigger finger in a fresh room without a solid shield or the triple shot. When the big asteroids break into eight small asteroids, all going at high speed, you are just doomed. I almost died at 35000 but picked up a shield, then an energy recharge.


My play timeline:


First 25 minutes: no deaths, 15000 or so.


First death: 25 minutes


Next ten minutes: up to about 28000.


Second death: 30 minutes (got sloppy)


Next 10-15 minutes: up to 45510


Third death: ~45 minutes.

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I used to be much better :)


I think 100k is very doable without overly cautious play.


EDIT: this person got to 100k by level 21 without strategic play or playing for score at all. 




This has to be using save states or other tool assist, as they frequently do the bad thing (breaking up all the big asteroids at once) and would never survive so long playing that way.

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