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Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland (Game Boy)


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  • 5 months later...

I improved the game a lot. I added a whole bunch of stuff. Tell me what you think.

what the milkshakes shoot:

  • onion rings, (any level) the old standard. These onion rings go straight forward.
  • pretzels (levels 3 & 4) these seek out where you are and try to get you that way. It's a homing missile thing.
  • nachos (levels 5 & 6) nachos go down your throat, so they also go down the screen.
  • caramel corn (levels 7 & eight) these either act like pretzels or nachos. They can also shoot upwards as well.

The boss milkshake only shoots onion rings.

I've attached the latest ROM. Please play it and tell me how I'm doing, as I worked really hard on this.


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I've just loaded this into my gba, sounds are great! Reminds me of great gb tunes from back in the day.

Border for GBC/GBA is pretty cool too, and doesn't get in the way of the action in the middle of the screen. It 'borders' (lack of a better word!) it nicely with the gameplay in traditional GB colours with the red and hamburger design.

I don't know if I can test on a gamecube anytime soon if interested but don't have a romcart for Super game boy directly unfortunately.


I got past the first milkshake but probably too tired now to get further. 

I might try and get my 6 yo to have a go tomorrow too, he loves GB games.


Few possible improvements: Visual representation of lives instead of a number, and/or a text label for lives and score.

Don't wipe out regular enemy bullets when they are killed for difficulty, if you can manage two possible bullets on screen at a time. It feels like at the moment you can easily risk it if you know you can hit them in time before their bullet hits you.


Just realised it does mention when its paused under the score too, nice!

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